Real Handful – Snack Time

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Real Handful – Snack Time

Today’s blog post is all about my love for dried fruit, nuts and yummy chocolate… In the form of nutritious snacks packed full of sweetness and flavour. I always make sure I eat good meals throughout the day which will keep me feeling satisfied and keep my energy levels up. When it comes to mid-afternoon or in the evenings I tend to crave something sweet and finding healthier alternatives can sometimes be challenging for us. However, Real Handful has worked really hard to create some yummy snacks that can be taken on-the-go and enjoyed on top of yoghurt, porridge, eaten on their own, or enjoyed with some muesli in the morning.

I love the idea of their handful snack packs as they are already in portion sizes and can stop us from eating a WHOLE bag of trail mix. Their mixes vary in flavours and all of them are delicious. Sometimes, trail mixes and dried fruit can have hidden added sugars in them which we don’t usually identify unless we read the ingredients. Although, it is still important to enjoy a little bit of what you fancy in moderation and have fun with your nutrition!

This family run business has a great ethos and they have definitely found the solution to snacks and helping us step away from the naughty treats in the office, when we are travelling or when we have nothing prepared!

What’s more, because it’s convenient, light and full of fast and slow release energy, trail mix is a really adaptable snack.’

‘The term ‘trail mix’ dates back 100 years and refers to a snack that traditionally blends dried fruit, nuts and chocolate’ – Real Handful.

Real Handful source the best ingredients they possibly can to lead to tastier outcomes and the best flavour and texture combinations. They follow a certain criteria when creating their delicious snack packs, a lot of thought and attention goes into this process and it’s wonderful to know that!:

Real Handful

‘TasteEach ingredient needs to taste fantastic both on its own and combined with the other elements of the mix. We also give each recipe a boost by using flavour-infused dried fruits (mainly sultanas and raisins)

QualityFor us quality means sourcing the biggest, plumpest and juiciest raisins and sultanas; the crunchiest whole nuts; and the creamiest Belgian chocolate.

Unique – We want Real Handful snacks to feel a little bit special. So to help deliver the best possible mixes a lot of our ingredients are made bespoke for us, which has the extra benefit that they’re super fresh when they go into the pack.’




All of these were delicious and I am a huge dried fruit and nut lover. I always have been! So when the lovely team at Real Handful sent me these treats I was very pleased. I don’t have a favourite, they were all so good and they smelt amazing! All of these snack packs gave me a boost of energy when I needed it; but good energy, slow releasing, which is maintainable and natural.

GO-GO-GOJI BERRIES – This one tasted extremely indulgent… But it is packed full of goodness! The sachet had the perfect amount of crunch, some sweetness was provided from the raisins and a slight tartness from the goji berries. How beautiful are goji berries! They’re packed full of nutrients and they are such a beautiful colour.

 • Jumbo raisins • Dark Chocolate Chunks • Goji Berries • Blanched Peanuts • Almonds • Pumpkin Seeds •

STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM – Ok, I know this isn’t the real thing but my goodness it tastes the same! This delicious snack pack infused the room with a sweet aroma and tasted extremely refreshing. The white chocolate adds extra creaminess, the dried strawberries add a beautiful touch of sweetness and the strawberry infused grade A raisins add an extra chewy texture! There is a subtle hint of extra strawberry and the cashew nuts add extra crunch and fibre.

• Strawberry Flavoured Raisins • Cashew Nuts • Juice Infused Cranberries • Juice Infused Strawberries • White Chocolate Chunks •

BLUEBERRY BLITZ – You’re in for a treat, this was the best blueberry experience. I love dried fruit but blueberries are definitely one of my new favourites. The blueberries offer an intense sweet flavour, the blueberry infused cranberries offer juiciness and of course this wouldn’t be a snack pack without some added crunch provided from the whole cashew nuts.

• Jumbo Raisins • Cashew Nuts • Blueberry Flavoured Dried Cranberries • Dried Blueberries •

MIXED BERRY CRUNCH – If you absolutely love berries, you will love this packet the most. They have dedicated a whole snack pack to the berry lovers like myself. This delicate packet of sweetness is the perfect pick-me-up or would taste delicious on top of your morning muesli. The blueberry yoghurt covered raisins are my favourite! And something I have never tried before, they taste creamy and they melt in your mouth just like chocolate.

• Yoghurt Blueberry Flavoured Raisins • Juice Infused Cranberries • Jumbo Raisins • Juice Infused Strawberries • Almonds •

Want to grab yourself some of these to kerb them cravings? Check out Holland & Barrett, Ocado and Harris + Hoole.

Keep up to date with the brand Real Handful by following them on their social media accounts! Their images will leave you craving some natural sweetness:

Twitter / Facebook  / Instagram / Website 

It was great to collaborate with Real Handful and try out some of their products. They offer even more flavours and I can’t wait to try them. If you get your hands one some be sure to tag me in the images and let me know what you think.

Happy weekend everyone! I hope your week has been productive and positive and don’t forget that sometimes taking time out is essential. Check out my recent blog post for more inspiration: Style Your Way To Spain

Always here,

Jessica, x 

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