4 Things I am Grateful For This Month

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4 Things I am Grateful For This Month

Of course, I am back again with another blog post! I hope this blog post inspires, makes you appreciate your surroundings and makes you realise that life isn’t that bad after all. We face a lot of challenges throughout our lifetime and for us to continue on and get back up again takes some real strength. Every knockback we have allows us to come back stronger than ever. Remember that.

Being grateful can take time, we are so used to being surrounded by the usual things – fresh air, nature and beautiful colours; that we forget how important these things are for inner happiness and overall survival. I have been a creature of habit before and got myself so wrapped up in what I was doing, I forgot to appreciate the small things. Yes, some days are miserable and some days positive vibes aren’t a thing. But just remember, we have fresh air, the sunshine and all types of weather, different seasons, beautiful flowers, gorgeous nature, beaches to escape to, the great outdoors! The list is endless. We all have the ability to create things, create change, have an imagination, create goals and dreams, fight for what we love and we all have the ability to be grateful and be happy. This is amazing and we need to realise this.

I have 4 things I am grateful for this month! I am grateful for everything I have and I always give thanks to the universe. This month though I wanted to give you some inspiration so that you can create you own gratitude list.

The Internet

Yes, this can cause a lot of negative connections and can cause things that can’t be cured. However, the power of the internet is magical. It allows us to speak to loved ones, despite the physical space, we can share memories, thoughts and feelings via the worldwide web and connect with new people. The list is endless with the internet and this month it has helped me a lot; I have connected with new brands, spoken to my best friend in Dubai and arranged a study trip to Singapore to see my cousins. I am so grateful for this. Materialistic, but it helps a lot.



My homemade smoothie bowl topped with frozen berries and Rolla Granola, the perfect start to the day.


Afternoon tea at Ribby Hall Spa Hotel.

Food will always be something I am grateful for. I am a huge lover of sweet and savoury dishes and I love cooking and baking, both of which make me feel relaxed and give me a feeling of inner happiness. It is a true hobby of mine and I love the feeling of accomplishment you get when you create a good meal or dessert. I also love trying new foods and going out to restaurants and cafes. A great way to socialise with friends! And create some good memories. Share your creations with me! Tag me in your meals, I would love to see them. Perhaps, you could try my healthy chocolate brownie recipe?


DSC04875DSC05146I have had the most amazing opportunities recently and they have involved book reviews and interviews. I love the sense of escapism you get from reading a book. This month I have been loving health, fitness, food, travel and wellbeing books. They have allowed me to learn new things, unwind from my surroundings and have given me some inspiration. Here are some of my favourites this month: The Social Kitchen – Shally Tucker (a beautiful book and more than just a cookbook, keep an eye out on my blog for more information soon! It is an exciting one), Ready Steady Glow (remember I interviewed Madeleine! The link is just here…) – Madeleine Shaw, Truly Nourished – Hali Jafari (I recently did a review linked – here) and Bill Bryson – Neither here Nor there. Grab yourself a book, immerse yourself in the world of imagination and relax! As well as gaining knowledge of the English language and the specific genre of the book.

The Great Outdoors! 


Exploring, breathing in the fresh air and appreciating the small things is so so simple and so so satisfying. I have recently travelled to London, had a day out at Blackpool Zoo, went on a road trip to Newcastle and had a picnic outside in the middle of a field, went walking around Williamson Park – Lancaster and enjoyed the surroundings near me – by walking to the gym every day. I admire the beauty that surrounds, the flowers, the gorgeous colours, the weather (even when it rains!) the freedom, the animals and the people that commute to work every day and we encounter them but we may never seem them ever again! There is something so fascinating about all of this, yet some of us are so oblivious to the beauty that surrounds, the simple beauty, the beauty that money cannot buy. The next time you are bored… Pack your bag with the essentials – food, water, change of clothes and head on a road trip, have a picnic in the park or go on a long walk and ADMIRE the surroundings! Breathe the fresh air and always be grateful. This is also a great way to unwind and reflect on your goals, achievements and your future.

It is mid-week, don’t slack with your goals and gratefulness. Tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start. Make a to-do list, make a gratitude list and be productive! I know you can do it.

I am always here for a chat, contact me via my social media of email me: jessicairenemarieward@hotmail.com – usually reply within 24 hours.

I hope you have a great week. Smile!

Jessica, x

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