Truly Nourished: Review

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Truly Nourished: Review

 Changing your life to a healthier way.


‘There’s not a diet out there that I haven’t tried and after suffering depression and anxiety until I found my way out I continued the diet/ binge cycle for many years. Now I want to help YOU to overcome your food and weight issues in a positive way that will change your way of thinking about losing weight forever!’ – Hali.

I am back again this week with a review based on a book. A cookbook, mind-set guidance book and a book for life! I want to thank the beautiful Hali Jafari for sending me this book and for communicating so well with me. She is a wonderful person and I feel privileged to have been able to speak to her and review her creation.

Don’t let the word ‘detox’ scare you! It is nothing scary and in this case, it does not have connections to deprivation, starvation and depression. In this case, it is linked to a healthier lifestyle, more positive changes and motivation. Hali has implemented some great strategies throughout this book to help people who are in a rut with their shape, size, confidence, nutrition, mindset and overall well-being. On my blog, I have shared my passion for positive thinking and how important it is to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle without any restrictions and without resorting to quick fixes. After all, it is a lifestyle and should be approached at your own individual pace.

Hali, the creator of the book has struggled with weight issues for over 20 years and has trialled and tested every diet. Which resulted in no positive changes. It resulted in more weight gain and a negative approach towards her well being and mindset. In January 2013 and 3 children later, Hali reached her heaviest weight of 22 stone and a dress size of 24/26. She was morbidly obese and had a BMI of 47, at this stage she felt extremely depressed and low. After struggling tirelessly, Hali chose the last resort – to undergo weight loss surgery (gastric sleeve), this was to help her battle of losing 11 stone in weight. This was a tool she used in order to help her lose excess weight and was something she needed to do. However, this isn’t the case for everyone. She implements the need for loving yourself first before making changes.






‘Remember you are more than just a dress size, find other areas of yourself that you are happy with and focus on that.’

This is important; if you are happy the way you are then that is great & that is the most important thing. However, Hali wasn’t, so she began to implement changes and became happier, healthier and more positive. She expresses realism and expresses her troubles and how she overcame them, this is extremely motivating and shows that there is light at the end of that dark tunnel.

Who is the detox for?

‘Your mind, body and soul will thank you for it.’ (p.73)

Hali has guided this detox towards people who are looking to kick-start their nutrition in the right way, banish the fad diets, lose weight, feel more confident, feel good from the inside out, improve overall health and improve their skin complexion. This isn’t just guided towards people who are seeking the advice for losing weight; I personally have gained lots of knowledge and motivation from this book and my goals aren’t directed towards losing weight. I have gained recipe ideas, the importance of self-love, nutrition and self-acceptance. I have not personally tried the detox myself as I am not on the journey of weight loss or to improve my skin complexion. However, I have applied the certain aspects listed above to my current lifestyle; knowledge, confidence and self-love.

The detox allows you to spend 14 days chemical/preservative free to understand how your body feels without these substances that we usually consume in abundance. The detox will allow your body to burn fat and function better as you would be consuming lots of NATURAL vitamins/minerals and high energy foods, no quick fix foods and no sugar-laden fat-free products. This detox includes whole produce that can be sourced from your local supermarket.



Hali also implements the need for setting goals. Short term and long term goals for life. There is a section allocated for this in the book –

‘Think carefully about what you want from this 14 Day Detox Program, and what your longer term goals are when you move onto the Plan for Life. Do you want to change your attitude towards certain foods? Do you want more energy and a clearer mind? Or healthier skin? Do you wish to finally remove all negative association with diets and food? Would you like to reclaim your health and happiness?’

Allowing yourself to set goals gives you something to work towards and strive for. It is motivation! A positive outcome and a positive way of thinking. Which I love. 




Almond and Cranberry Bars, image: Hali.


Creamy Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry, image: Hali.


Banana and Date Squares, image: Hali.

There is a detoxifying food list included in the book and it is brilliant! This has allowed me to simplify my food shop and try new things, as it is all compact into separate lists. This also makes it extremely practical for when you are food shopping, the book can fit in a handbag and can be carried anywhere and everywhere! There are no excuses to make the wrong choices, the compact book is great for on-the-go.

Following on from this, a food diary is also included. This food diary is to help you take note of your food, drink,  and sleep throughout the day and to stop you from snacking on things consistently without knowing, this is also an area to mark down positive and negative notes throughout the detox. This allows you to see where things are going wrong, where improvements need to be made and where you are succeeding. This is great for your mindset and is a great way of seeing written/visual improvements and have the motivation to improve the following day.

Life is for LIFE! 


This is the life plan in the book which is an extension of the 14 Day Detox Program, it is to be carried out throughout your lifetime. Hali makes a very important reference to overall happiness and wellbeing regarding nutrition – ‘Remember to follow the plan at least 80% of the time (live a healthy active lifestyle, in regards to the ‘plan’) and allow for 20% of the time to indulge on very important occasions and make the best choices you can every single day’. This overall plan will help you respect your body, help your relationship with food, improve self-esteem, nourish your body from the inside out, improve your moods and help you feel lighter and healthier. Remember, this doesn’t contain any quick fixes, low-fat foods or dietary milkshakes. It includes 100% natural, wholesome FOODS. Things that we enjoy & love. The foods that make us feel good and make our bodies feel good. Healthy is for forever, not for a few months.

Foods to Eat Forever

This is then followed by Foods to Eat Forever, which features the essential basics for a healthy, balanced diet which is maintainable. We all know what is good for us and what reacts badly with our digestion and after doing the detox you would have discovered this. Apply this food list to your current situation and improve your overall intake. Make healthy choices as many times as you can; ‘so that when you want to have a coffee and a cake with friends you can do so without feeling guilty and enjoy yourself. This isn’t a diet, this is a Plan For Life!’ (p.61)


‘It will not allow you to eat a mars bar because you did an hour long run! Your diet will still determine around 70%/80% of how effective your weight loss can be. So do exercise in the knowledge you are gaining strength and releasing happy hormones that will keep you on track.’

This isn’t the main focal point of the book but she still includes the importance behind it. 30 minutes per day, doing something YOU enjoy – walking the dog, lifting weights in the gym, taking part in a fitness class or swimming! The list is endless!



Turkey Chilli

I made this delicious Turkey Chilli from the book and it tasted amazing. The whole family loved it, including my 5-year-old niece! I paired this dish with some boiled brown rice. Double the mixture and have leftovers for tomorrow on a sweet potato, with some cauliflower rice or even with some quinoa. Want to know the recipe? Check out pg. 82 in the book! All the links are at the bottom of the blog post.

Check out pg. 82 in the book! All the links are at the bottom of the blog post.


This wouldn’t be a book I love without featuring some mouth-watering recipes; that are easy to follow, include wholesome ingredients and fit well into my healthy lifestyle.

Hali has created healthy twists on family classics and they are perfect for the whole family! Get the family involved and this process will be much easier. The family classics she has made healthier are – chicken and chips which feature yummy chicken drumsticks and sweet potato fries, burgers made from courgette, spinach and sweet potato and a squidgy chocolate tray bake that includes butternut squash and delicious coconut milk. All of the recipes are packed full of goodness, include easy to access ingredients and won’t leave you feeling bloated or guilty.

A huge thank you to Hali for collaborating with me on this blog post and thank you so much for sending me the book. I wish you all the luck for the future and I am sure you will continue to inspire people, all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. It has been a pleasure!

Want to get to know Hali and see where you can purchase her book? Check out the links below!

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I hope you all liked this post this week and thank you for stopping by. I love working with people and brands. I love sharing new content! And I am always willing to try new things. Want to collaborate or get in touch? Use the links below!
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