Soul Mate Food: Review


soul mate food review

Soul Mate Food: Review


It’s the middle of the week and that means only one thing, some food inspiration to keep you going! Sometimes we can stay on track so well at the beginning of the week but as soon as the weekend approaches it can feel like we are slowly slacking on our goals and aims towards nutrition. Don’t panic! I have something that is ideal for people who live hectic lifestyles, are on the move, need some inspiration in the kitchen, want healthy eating made simple or just want to try something different and inject their nutrition with some vibrant colours. Soul Mate Food has done this for you in some simple steps.


‘Science – Nutrition – Love’

“Innovative lifestyle menus, hand created for the individual and delivered straight to your front door. Soulmatefood is about being healthy, inside and out. Gourmet, delicious and nutritious meals and snacks prepared specifically for you, whatever your goal. This is health food, but not as you know it.”

They offer the following menus: *I received a sample from their collection as I do not have any specific goals in mind, apart from; to maintain my current weight and enjoy food as part of a healthy lifestyle*.



Weight Loss

Sports Kitchen

Juice Diet

I found their sample menu extremely easy to use and follow, all the cooking instructions are visible on all of the boxes and are easy to use. The packaging of all of the food is elegantly done and works practically for the people who are on the go. The boxes close well which means no leaking in your lunch box! Or in your fridge at work! I have re-used some of the boxes again for storage and for my dinner time leftovers, they’re brilliant and this is a great way to recycle.


This was the plan I followed for 3 days ^. Thursday and Saturday I was at home and on Friday I took all of the meals with me on the train to London, they were delicious and helped with the journey. I saved money, I didn’t make any bad choices and every time I was peckish I had something to stop the craving, rather than being drawn towards sugary snacks on impulse. – I added a few things here and there throughout the day, as I don’t usually stick to a strict guide with my nutrition. One thing I changed in particular: I ate my PM snack after my evening meal because I have a huge sweet tooth and I like to banish them cravings before bedtime.



Breakfast: Chilli & Spinach Eggs with Supergreen Bread

I was slightly nervous to start this day because I began my morning with a savoury breakfast which isn’t something I usually do. I am a huge sweet tooth and I love to start my mornings with porridge oats or a fruit smoothie bowl. However, I was extremely surprised and the breakfast was delicious, I am now converted to savoury breakfasts. The eggs are packed full of protein and a kick was provided from the chilli, this helped fuel my morning workout and kept me feeling satisfied up until lunchtime. The supergreen bread provided lots of vitamins and nutrients from the vegetables as well as fibre, it was packed full of flavour and there was no aftertaste from the green vegetables used.


AM Snack: Spinach and Walnut Hummus with Crudites

The hummus was absolutely delicious! I loved the crunch of the walnuts and the softness of the spinach, this was great for a post workout snack before lunchtime. I added some extra vegetables on the side as well as the ones provided in the pot. Overall, it was a great snack and has inspired my future savoury snack ideas.


Lunch: Spiced Beef Meatballs with Quinoa Salad

I am a huge fan of quinoa and salad, so this was the perfect lunchtime meal. The meatballs were delicious; they were soft but tender, juicy, warm and extremely satisfying. The quinoa salad was fresh, light and packed full of flavour, the chopped onions and peppers added the right amount of crunch and added another dimension to the salad. The dressing was delicious and added some ‘zing’ to the whole dish. Thumbs up from me!


Dinner: King Prawn Gumbo with Rice

This was spicy, warming and packed full of tomato sweetness. It was delicious! I added some Greek yoghurt on the side of this dish to reduce the overall heat provided from the chilli. The Greek yoghurt worked perfectly with this and was a good accompaniment for people who aren’t that drawn towards spicier dishes. However, this dish certainly has a rainbow full of colours and is packed full of vegetables, which were beautiful and soft.


PM Snack: Red Velvet Cupcake

This was one big cupcake! It was shared between three of us and was enjoyed with some more Greek yoghurt. I am flexible towards all of these meals and I included different ingredients and side dishes where I felt like I needed to. This, of course, can be enjoyed on its own with a warming cup of tea or coffee. The cupcake was soft, fresh and full of sweetness (healthy sweetness, of course!). How beautiful is the colour of this cupcake! So vibrant and rich, the colour red really is something to be admired.




Breakfast: Bounty Yoatie

Breakfasts that contain chocolate are always a winner in my eyes. This was almost like an overnight oat breakfast pot. At the bottom of the pot sat sliced mango pieces; with mango sweet residue which kept them hydrated and delicious. Another layer on top sat creamy oats with coconut and the final layer was a hard dark chocolate disc garnished with coconut shavings! So beautifully decorated and so delicious to eat. It was the perfect morning pick-me-up on the train and it fuelled me right up until mid-morning before my meeting in London.


AM Snack: Super Juice

I didn’t actually enjoy this juice until my journey home in the afternoon. This juice needs to be served cold as it is the perfect refreshing drink for a mid-afternoon slump. I had mine poured into a glass of ice, which was beautiful and something I definitely needed for a warm day. Fresh, subtly sweet and full of nutrients.

FullSizeRender (79).jpg

This dish was meant to be the dinner time one, however, as an alternative I had it at lunchtime for a lighter option. 

Lunch: Superfood Linguine with Goats Cheese

I don’t usually gravitate towards pasta as it bloats me out and makes me feel uncomfortable for hours. However, this surprisingly didn’t do that at all! There wasn’t much linguine so the portion size became more manageable and the tenderstem broccoli was my favourite! All combined together with delicious, melt in your mouth, soft, goats cheese. I ate this cold but the dish could be served warm – meaning… The cheese would melt on the pasta and the dish would be even more delicious!

PM Snack: Ginger Spiced Nuts

Getting the healthy fats in mid-afternoon means that you will be fuelled right up until your evening meal, allowing you to feel satisfied for longer. I never knew cashew nuts could taste so delicious! Sprinkled with ginger and warming spices, the perfect snack.


Dinner: Turmeric Chicken with Cous Cous and Greens

This was my favourite dish from the whole meal prep! This was meant to be the lunchtime meal but I enjoyed this as my evening dinner after I arrived home from London. It was beautiful, the giant cous cous was extremely comforting and the softness of the cous cous sat perfectly with the crunch of the green vegetables. The turmeric chicken was beautifully seasoned and it really added a touch of spice to the whole dish. Overall, this was delicious and I enjoyed every single mouthful.



Breakfast: Cauliflower Cheese Frittata

Honesty is the best policy! I didn’t eat these in the morning, I ate them alongside my soup at lunch time as on this particular morning I was craving my superfood smoothie. However, they were delicious! Packed full of protein and full of essential vitamins provided from the cauliflower. Get the vegetables in, even if you disguise them… They’re important!

AM Snack: Falafel Bites with Harissa Tzatziki & Lunch: Butternut, Lentil & Spinach Soup

DSC05041DSC05045 2

The soup and the falafel bites were both delicious, I enjoyed these all together for the perfect lunch time meal. I can’t eat soup on its own, so rather than gravitating towards a huge slice of bread I opted for these falafel bites, rich in flavour and extremely satisfying. The soup is so rich in colour! This meal was filling, really tasty and made my tummy feel comforted. It was the best feeling. Soups aren’t just a winter thing; this was light, refreshing and sweet – provided by the butternut squash.



Beef & Beetroot Curry

Again, this dish allowed me to try something new that I wouldn’t usually ever try, red meat and beetroot. However, the combination was so mouthwatering! I was really impressed. The beef was juicy and tender and was seasoned perfectly, the beetroot wasn’t too overwhelming and the curry was rich in spice. The vegetables added crunch, extra flavour and more colours to the rainbow dish. I absolutely loved this dish and it just goes to show, something you wouldn’t usually try tends to be the most delicious dish! I had this alongside some boiled brown rice for extra carbs. Could your curry be any more colourful than this? I think not!


PM Snack: Apricot & Raw Cacao Rice Bar

This chocolatey goodness here tasted extremely indulgent but in fact, it was full of nutrients and vitamins. Raw cacao is very good for you and provides slow releasing energy, this means no quick fixes and the natural slow releasing energy keeps you feeling a lot more satisfied than ordinary sugar-laden chocolate bars. Cacao brings a lot to the table in terms of nutrition: magnesium, and other essential minerals including calcium, sulphur, zinc, iron, copper, potassium, and manganese. Polyphenols called flavonoids, with antioxidant properties. Vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B9, E. Essential heart-healthy fat: oleic acid a monounsaturated fat. Protein & Fibre. As you can see this bar here isn’t that bad after all! I had it crumbled on top of some Greek yoghurt and it was sweet, gooey and crunchy! The perfect evening treat.

Thank you!

I have really enjoyed trying out the meal prep provided by Soulmatefood and I feel so grateful to have won such a great competition via Instagram. – Thank you Soulmatefood you really brightened up my week and made my trip to London a lot more organised! All of this delicious food came packaged extremely well and was thoroughly enjoyed for three whole days alongside some other meals I ate too. I mixed and matched where I wanted to. This is a brilliant service and their meal prep certainly isn’t boring! And it certainly doesn’t lack flavour or nutrients!

For more information on the meal prep and how you can get yourself some of this delicious food be sure to check out the following links:

Facebook / Instagram / Website / Twitter

I hope you liked this style of post and it has inspired your food choices for this week, don’t forget food is to be enjoyed and it is to nourish your body from the inside. Sometimes, we need to indulge and it is a great way to socialise with friends! Enjoy every moment, always be grateful and nourish your body through the foods you eat.

Since changing my lifestyle I have learned a lot of things, check out my recent blog post for more information: The 3 Things I Have Learned From Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Happy mid-week! Positive vibes only & always.

Jessica, x



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