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Travelling Broadens The Mind


Private Pool Villa, Thailand

“We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong”.

Happy Monday everyone! I am back again this week with another post based around positivity and how to control your mindset. Two things, which, impact largely on us as human beings and determine how happy we are physically and mentally. Being in control of your mindset is a great skill and is hugely beneficial. Our mindset can alter and adapt to our current surroundings, meaning that we are developing as humans every day and the things that happen around us are impacting on our journeys as individuals. This is great! It means that we continuously evolving.

Travelling is another important aspect of life and the way we view things. Travelling and exploring new places is not only exciting but it is also enriching for our souls. Escaping our current situation and delving into something new is something we should all do in order to appreciate our surroundings. Travelling abroad allows us to appreciate the world and it opens our eyes to view the impossible. Sometimes, staying secluded in your hometown can make you become oblivious to the beautiful surroundings outside of your comfort zone. We can become creatures of habit and we forget about the hidden opportunities out there.

Garden Cottage in Cupar, Scotland

To enrich your soul you do not need to travel far. Just experience something different. Travelling somewhere new, a nearby village? See how other people live that aren’t from your town. Look at the different surroundings, admire the little things – the gorgeous wildlife, the food, the smiley faces, the laughs and enjoy being nosey (people watch!)

All these little items that you begin to notice will contribute to you developing as an individual. It automatically makes you aware of the beauty that surrounds, even if it isn’t across the globe.

How Does Travel Broaden The Mind and Enrich The Soul?


Exploring somewhere new allows you to try new foods and step out of your comfort zone and have a more relaxed approach to your nutrition. For me, food is a huge aspect of my holiday’s and I love to try new foods, especially local delicacies! Get yourself to the local markets and fresh bakeries, try the flavours from your holiday destination. Your taste buds will be enriched! Enjoying different foods abroad allows us to see how other people indulge and nourish their bodies. This is incredibly inspiring and can influence your food choices in the future. Every once in a while we need to enjoy some good quality comfort food, using good quality ingredients to allow us to keep on track when we are at home. Indulge! You’re on holiday. Don’t panic and try new things. Don’t feel guilty for the food choices you make, holidays are for relaxation, in every area.

Meet New People

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure we always encounter new people. Even if that is people watching in the street or watching people in the tube station. When I visited Singapore and Cyprus recently I had the chance to meet new people, people from different walks of life and people with different interests, opinions and outlooks on life. It was extremely refreshing! It is amazing to be surrounded by different people, people you might not ever see again. Experiencing how different people travel, smile and express their emotions makes an impact on how you view individuals. This is enriching for the soul because it allows you to view somebody else’s idea of happiness or goals and adapt it to your current situation. It broadens your mind because it allows you to meet new people, speak to different people and talk about things you have never touched on before!


The diversity of languages across the globe is breathtaking. It is absolutely fascinating listening to the locals talk when you are abroad. It is even more amazing when they begin to teach you their language. Learning languages is an amazing skill to learn and helps with almost any career pathway. Learning different languages also educates you on the culture of the place, it shows you how much love and attention goes into communicating and how they take pride in their communication methods. If you ever have the chance to learn the lingo when you are on holiday… Don’t say no! It may help you when you re-visit.

Escape and Relax

Sometimes, the primary reason we want to get away is to relax and unwind away from distractions and our problems. Taking time out is crucial to help with our mindset and to help us re-evaluate our current status and our future goals. Going away is a great way to discover new things about yourself; away from the work life. Social media is a huge distraction and should be something that is avoided whilst on holiday, to make sure you enjoy the whole experience to its fullest potential! Don’t waste one minute & learn to unwind, enjoy the ride and engage in every experience.

Embed Your Dreams and Passions Further Within

Following from the point above, taking time out can trigger off more passions within or embed your goals further. Being around other people can motivate your current status. Seeing how other people live can also give you the drive you have been needing, to get things kick-started in the right direction. As I have travelled to different places I have discovered new hobbies, I have changed my career pathway several times and I have networked with people and businesses to help inspire my journey. Don’t feel nervous about changing your mind about things when you return, accept change. Change is good and always leads to positive outcomes.

Enjoy The Simple Things and Always Be Grateful

Travelling abroad and submerging yourself into a new culture can make you realise how much you take for granted at home. Whenever I have travelled abroad I have always returned with a grateful heart. I appreciate the beauty that surrounds; whether that is abroad or at home. Being abroad gives us the opportunity to view happiness through somebody else’s eyes whilst we watch the locals communicate, cook and commute. It is important to note this down mentally and adapt it to your current situation. Changing your perspective and being grateful is a beautiful thing and what better way to do it then when you have been abroad.

The Top 3 Destinations I Want To Visit in My Lifetime


Using the inspiration from Clickstay I have chosen 3 places I would love to visit. Of course, it was a difficult decision and I want to visit everywhere! However, I chose my 3 favourites listed below.

Clickstay offers some brilliant prices and their selection of accommodation is extremely diverse and caters to everyone. They offer over 12,000 beautiful holiday homes in over 50 countries, including luxury villas with stunning private pools, ski chalets, chic city apartments and cute countryside chateaus & it is all compiled into one place = easy! – Clickstay

“We are an independently owned holiday home rental website with adverts for thousands of holiday homes in countries around the world. Our variety of choice means your perfect property is just a few clicks away!
Whether you are looking for villas in Spain and the Mediterranean, cottages in France, houses in Florida, riads in Morocco or apartments in New York, we have the lot. As well as offering a huge range of holiday homes in our best-selling destinations like Spain, Turkey, Greece, Portugal and Florida, we are adding new properties all the time in hot spots like Dubai, Goa, and Thailand.
Each advert has lots of information about the property and the local area, often including past customer reviews, to help you make the best choice.
You can book every property securely online using Sage Pay, so you can pay with confidence knowing your money will be protected.” = Clickstay


Image sourced from Google – copyright free.
Disney World, image sourced from Google, copyright free.

Of course, the USA was at the top of my list. I absolutely love the idea of the ‘American lifestyle’. The portion sizes in America are extremely generous and the food their looks so indulgent. Shopping, beaches and their iconic Route 66 are all the perfect necessities which scream out to me. Orlando looks beautiful and my inner child gets so excited about the thought of travelling there, the true definition of magic is in Orlando, Walt Disney World, comprised of 4 parks, including the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, and 2 water parks. Another major player, Universal Orlando! Which offers 2 parks: Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Miami is the perfect location for beach workouts, incredible nightlife and luxury surroundings. The list is endless and you will never feel bored when visiting the USA.

Get inspired using this link. – Private villa, USA


Image sourced from Google – copyright free.
Bangkok temple, image sourced from Google, copyright free.

Another iconic location that everybody should visit. Submerge yourself in the culture, try out the local delicacies and experience temples and palaces like never before. Not forgetting their breathtaking beaches with white sands and exotic surroundings. This is the destination that triggers off freedom, authenticity and natural beauty.

Bangkok, the vibrant capital, offers floating markets, serene temples and a LARGE array of delicious food. Take relaxation and nightlife to the next level in Koh Samui, (once a Thai fishing village) it offers breathtaking beaches, original and authentic hidden charm and meditation in their Buddist temples is not to be forgotten. Koh Samui also offers full-moon parties and beach-shack accommodation for the party animals!

 Private villa, Thailand


Image sourced from Google – copyright free.
Gondola Ride – Venice, image sourced from Google, copyright free.

Italy is the perfect combination of elements for me, heart warming and traditional food, romance and colourful and enriching surroundings. Immerse yourself in the Renaissance culture and enjoy the chic and stylish beaches. Sicily offers mountain landscapes – the perfect morning hike is sorted! Stop by the traditional markets and try some of their fresh seafood delicacies. Fresh, relaxing and picturesque.

The GORGEOUS canals of Venice! The romance in this city makes my heart ache, I want to take a gondola ride as soon as possible and admire the beautiful surroundings. Again, a beach holiday is made easy whilst visiting Sardinia, beach areas all around the island reveal the rustic and tranquil nature of Sardinia. Check out this link and feel inspired!

 Private villa, Italy


Travel is a huge passion of mine and I have always strived for a job that allows me to explore the globe and communicate with people. I love the idea of different cultures and finding out how other people live. This is slowly happening and I am slowly starting to travel to more places in the UK and across the globe. Travelling and holiday’s cost money but both are so rewarding! Memories are made, lessons are learned and barriers are broken down (mentally). Sometimes, when you are nervous about something, it is usually a good time to battle that fear. Travel somewhere new, learn a new skill and indulge in some delicious food.

But remember, always smile, always be happy, always be thankful and never waste a minute whilst you’re on holiday.

I want to thank the lovely team at Clickstay for collaborating with me on this blog post. It is always great to have new content on here and I love sharing my ideas with my readers. All the images are labelled with their sources and any links mentioned are attached above! Be sure to check out Clickstay for more inspiration and to book your holiday this summer, whether that is in the UK or abroad. They have it covered!

I hope you all have a lovely week. Remember, if the sun isn’t shining where you are, create some sunshine! OR – book a holiday with Clickstay.

Where do you want to travel to next?

Jessica, xx



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