What I Learned From Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

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What I Learned From Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone – The 5 Things I did



“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety”.

If you’re anything like me you are a creature of habit and hate anything to do with change. I am an organised person and without formation I feel a little on edge and my stress levels seem to skyrocket.

However, I have challenged myself to try new things. Sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone to look at our current situation in a different perspective, change our approach towards things and to discover new opportunities. Stepping out of our comfort zone can also identify our weak points and areas for improvement within ourselves. When things go wrong, we always learn from our mistakes. It is crucial to learn new things and to keep evolving as human beings.

When I stepped out of my comfort zone I realised how brave I was, how strong I was and how confident I was. I have always relied on other people for reassurance when it comes to self-love and this has now changed. This is unrealistic and loving yourself is SO important, mentally and physically (I am going to do a blog post about this soon). Stepping out of my comfort zone and identifying these attributes has made me a lot happier within myself and I am so happy I chose to take it upon myself to try new things.

Some of these things might not seem challenging to you, but that’s great! However, for some of us some things may seem daunting or make us feel unsure. When stepping out of your comfort zone you need to consider YOURSELF. Nobody else. What may seem challenging to you, may differ for somebody else, but this is ok. All of these things I have done I have made sure are safe and in a good environment. Stepping out of your comfort zone can begin by making small changes! And then gradually expanding.

I joined a new gym

This wasn’t because I didn’t like my current gym, it was because I wanted to improve my overall performance, attend the gym more often and walk to the gym every day. Previously, the gym I attended was inconvenient. However, I did love it! Now I have joined a new gym; I can attend more classes, go at any time of the day and focus more on the quality of my gym sessions. I have also met new people and have been put in a new environment, which is so exciting. I feel like a whole new section of my fitness life has opened up.

I did my first chin-up!

Crazy! Becoming mentally and physically stronger has been my goal since leaving high school. However, more recently it has been implemented more seriously, as well as having fun. I did my first chin-up the other day. In fact, I did 3! I am so pleased with my progress at the moment and it is extremely uplifting to see that my hard work is paying off – patience, happiness and motivation are all key and are developed over time, just believe in yourself, even when things get challenging.

I started reading books

You may think this sounds strange… However, this is true. I have started reading more books to improve my overall English and writing style (university prep for September). I have stepped out of my comfort zone and started reading literature and genres I don’t usually gravitate towards. I have begun to discover how different authors write and it is so fascinating! Do something this summer that will contribute to your university success.


Whenever I have travelled somewhere I have always been with somebody or had company. I am at a stage in my life now where I need to learn to travel on my own. I need to gain some independence and gain some confidence when it comes to aeroplanes, airports, trains and the whole transport system. I can’t rely on other people! As one day ill have to do it alone & that one-day is approaching in July. I will be heading to London on my own (very daunting, but very exciting!). Scary and exciting opportunities await.. But first, I need to put my positive pants on and tell myself I can do this.

I did my first ever boxing lesson

Sometimes weightlifting can get laborious and sometimes challenging yourself in different areas can be fun. Cardio has always been my worst nightmare, purely because I struggle and I find it challenging. After I did my first boxing class, I felt amazing! I had worked extremely hard, worked up a sweat and felt as if I had accomplished something. It challenged me, pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me feel strong. Try something new this week and switch your routine around. You’ll be surprised with the outcome!

What I have discovered is that being a creature of habit isn’t a bad thing, it means I am organised, I meet deadlines and I am mentally in a happy state. However, stepping out of my comfort zone has given me more confidence, it has injected some fun into my life and has allowed me to spread my wings and develop as a person. I want to continue trying new things and learning new things about myself. Spreading your wings is extremely important for self-development. – Remember, you have to learn to love yourself and support yourself because without that. What is the point? After all, it is the only ‘body’ we have to live in.

Step out of your comfort zone this summer and document the process! Sometimes if you’re nervous it is a good thing. Exciting opportunities await for all us, we just have to identify the opportunities and grab them with both hands. Sometimes these opportunities are disguised by something worrying or something daunting. Break the barrier down. Don’t feel scared, life is amazing and we are all strong together.

“If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done”.

I hope you have a great week! Remember, to stay in touch with me via social media.

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Jessica, x

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