Nuts For Granola! – Rolla Granola Review


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Nuts For Granola – Rolla Granola Review

Happy Friday everyone! I can’t stop smiling this week because I received a bundle of joy from Rolla Granola. If you have followed my Instagram and blog for a while you will know I have had an obsession with nuts, dried fruit, oats & granola for a very long time. It is my true comfort food!

When Rolla Granola contacted me I was extremely excited and couldn’t wait to review their products. I had previously tried samples of their granola at the Be:Fit London festival and I knew they wouldn’t disappoint. Whenever we are looking for a quick breakfast option supermarket cereals and granolas are usually laden with sugar and nasty ingredients, half the time we don’t even know what the ingredients are! When searching for an alternative it can be challenging and expensive. Rolla Granola seems to have the perfect combination of elements – affordable, healthy, full of flavour and wholesome. What more could you want?

Usually, sugar-laden granolas give us an instant burst of energy, which is not maintainable and can leave us feeling sluggish and hungry by mid-morning. For breakfast, you need something wholesome which will keep you going until mid-day! Rolla Granola seems to have done this for us and have created a solution.

Brand Ethos & A Little Insight Into What They Do:

“We are a small family company aiming to provide you with an enjoyable, healthy and nutritious breakfast that is a great way to start your day. Our granola contains nuts, seeds, dried fruits and spices and we try to make it with products you will recognise and no additives.

We have produced a range of granolas developed to provide you with energy rich flavour to help start your day. All have high levels of nuts, seeds and fruit, all aim to provide fibre and natural oils, many of which are high in antioxidants and omega oils.

Anyone looking for clear unambiguous claims about food ingredients will be disappointed. Facts are far-flung and often contradictory. But our view is that the current position is the result of many factors, which are all quite logical, but none allow for a complete picture.

We have decided to support the lifestyle choices of people who have decided to break away from mass-produced cheap food that is produced at the lowest possible cost. For those people who see the value of buying food with a high nut and fruit content direct from the manufacturer. We have adapted and changed our range to align with the demands of our customers, so we now have sugar free options- with any sweetness coming from fruit and Paleo granola with no cereals and therefore completely gluten free.”


Nuts For Chocolate

 ‘Vegan and Wheat Free’.

This is delicious! It is subtly sweet and has a lovely chocolate flavour. This granola transforms milk into chocolate milk and it tastes amazing! Just like coco pops would, however, a lot healthier. The raisins add a touch of sweetness but nothing too overwhelming, they add a great texture and they don’t weigh the granola down! It is all about the nuts and chocolate combination.

“This indulgent granola is a mouth-watering combination of premium chocolate blended with our signature granola mix. Foil pack with the resealable zipper. With our classic fruit and nut combination; walnuts, almonds, raisins and oats provide a satisfying crunch and chocolate completing the taste. Save this granola for treat days or combine with our everyday granola mixes for your own unique taste sensation”.

Ingredients: oats, cashew nuts, 1 whole apple, flame raisins, Belgian chocolate (8%) (80%) cocoa, almonds, sunflower seeds, unrefined sugar, pumpkin seeds, desiccated coconut, walnuts, cocoa butter, cinnamon, salt (02%).

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 16.37.40.png


‘Wheat Free, Free From Unrefined Sugars, High Energy Nuts, Maca and A Little Touch of Honey’.

When I opened this granola it smelt amazing and it infused my breakfast with warming scents and flavours. The cinnamon in the mixture has healing properties and it has helped settle my stomach first thing in the morning. It is the perfect breakfast for somebody who lives an active lifestyle and needs something to kick start their day in a healthy way. This granola will keep you fuelled until lunch time. It also works great as a snack! Grab a handful in a small bag and have a snack on the go for pre-workout or for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. It is perfect!

“Contains macadamia nuts, pistachio nuts, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds to give the highest possible levels of energy plus apple and honey to provide a little short-term sugar. Oats provide fibre and help you achieve a balanced start to your energetic day”.

Ingredients: oats, macadamia nuts, 1 whole apple, pistachio nuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, honey, coconut oil, brazil nuts, sesame seeds, hazelnuts, maca (1%), ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, salt (0.2%).

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 17.00.21.png

I have enjoyed this granola on top of my zoats, smoothie bowls, as a snack and with milk and Greek yoghurt. This granola is the best granola I have ever had and I can’t wait to try some of their other flavours. Yes, this is at the top of my birthday list this year! They offer an extensive list of other granolas which will suit everyone’s taste buds! So, if these don’t sound appealing check out their website for more information: Rolla Granola.

Keep up to date with their creations using the following links – Rolla Granola links:

Facebook / Instagram 


I want to thank the lovely team from Rolla Granola for collaborating with me on this blog post and for sending me some of their delicious granola’s. They made me very happy! & it was a pleasure to share it with my readers. Be sure to check out my Instagram for more information on what else I am trying out: Instagram.

As always I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I hope you have a fabulous weekend and don’t forget to step out of your comfort zone… You will achieve amazing things. If you ever want to chat or catch up; contact me via my social media, I always reply – linked in the sidebar and at the bottom of the page. 

Jessica, x

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