Failure? = A Change In Direction

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How To Have A Positive Mindset Towards Failure

Hello! I am back again with another blog post. This time, it is all about adapting our mindset to difficult obstacles and thinking positively about situations that are particularly challenging. Whenever, something gets challenging we either want to give up, keep going or question whether we are capable of achieving something amazing.

“There are secret opportunities hidden in every ‘failure’ “.

We are all afraid to ‘fail’ or to take a step back rather than making a step forward in the right direction. In order to cope with these challenging situations and have a positive mindset, we have to adopt certain strategies to the situations.

Be Persistent

No matter how hard we try, when we feel a sense of ‘failure’ we feel like giving up. Giving up is not an option. We MUST keep trying. We are positioned on this earth for a reason, that reason I believe we are trying to find out.

Keep trying. Every time you fail, tell yourself you are going to brush yourself down, grab the obstacle with both hands and tackle it HEAD ON. Yes at the time it does not seem possible. However, we are all in this together & as we continue to strive for success and happiness, we will be faced with obstacles, which will result in a ‘failure’ as it is a change in direction, towards something even better. Be persistent and do not give up.

Tell Yourself You Can

Tell yourself you can achieve the impossible. Even impossible – results in “I’m possible” remember. We need to stop being so hard on ourselves as this has a damaging effect overall. Forget about your ego being damaged by ‘failure’ we are constantly growing as humans every day, we are constantly learning new things and meeting new people. You can do this. Get knocked now 9 times. Stand up 10. (I changed the original quote as I have been knocked down more than once! The list is endless). We all have the potential to be great human beings. Don’t let one word – ‘failure’ stop you. You can do this. Positive affirmations from now on! – ‘I can do this’ ‘I am going to tackle this head on.’ ‘I am awesome’

‘Failure’ Is A Change In Pathway and Direction; It Is Not A Reflection Of Who You Are

Positivity is the base of everything. We must change our mindset in order to feel comfortable and remove the word ‘failure’ ‘fail’ from our minds. ‘Failure’ is non-existent, let’s look at it as ‘a change in direction’ whenever we ‘fail’ at something. Remember, change HAS to happen so that we can experience new things and grow as individuals. So, in a way ‘failure’ isn’t a bad thing at all.

Learn From Your ‘Failures’

Don’t dwell. Focus on what to do next. When something doesn’t go to plan or perhaps you feel as if ‘failure’ occurred or the ‘change in pathway’ occurred. Have a think as to why this might be. Sometimes, things don’t work because they aren’t meant to. It shifts our perspective to something more important. Analyse where you could make improvements in the future & add these improvements to your current goals.

Always remember you are capable of amazing things. Human beings are marvellous creations as we have the power to change almost anything and impact on everything. So, by saying this you can change your mindset towards the negative connotations to the word ‘failure’. It is a shift in perspective and a change in direction.


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I hope you have a wonderful week! Don’t doubt yourself. You’re awesome, remember.

Jessica x

3 thoughts on “Failure? = A Change In Direction

  1. Lauren curtis says:

    Awesome blog Jess, I love reading these and share with my friends in hope to pass the inspiration on. 😀😍… Xxx


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