Jessica Explores London – Be:Fit Empowerment Festival

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Jessica Explores London – Be:Fit Empowerment Festival

#BeFitFam #befitlondon


All the fabulous freebies I gathered at

#BeFitFam #befitlondon

Last Wednesday I received a surprise email inviting me down to London to experience my first ever fitness event. This fitness event was created by the founder Leigh Fergus. Her main aspiration was to create an event that empowered women and injected them with positivity, confidence, and happiness all throughout one weekend, leaving us females ready to tackle health and fitness head one.

This event particularly stood out to me because they believe that a lifestyle ‘change’ is much more realistic than crash dieting and quick fad beauty fixes. They express this throughout their event. I can assure you that I left the festival feeling amazing. I spent Saturday daytime there from 10am until 5pm, it was an overwhelming day packed full of my favourite things – food, positivity, fitness, health & well-being, body empowerment, passion, workouts and lots of gorgeous sportswear.

I was extremely excited to take a step away from my university work and have some fun with everyone at the Be:Fit London festival. The weekend was all about women and empowering women. However, Adam loved our weekend in London and enjoyed the festival just as much as me. It just goes to show how much of an impact this event can have on empowering people, male & female. They had live cooking demonstrations, a variety of workouts for all abilities and motivational talks. It was the perfect combination of elements at the festival.

The line-up for Saturday was as follows:



In particular, I attended the Zanna Van Dijk talk on the main stage, which made reference to “How To Make It Into The World Of Blogging”. This talk particularly stood out to me because of its realistic approach and the personality Zanna brings to the stage. I met Zanna before attending the talk I was overwhelmed by the positive vibes she radiates, meeting her for five minutes impacted on my outlook in life immediately.

Although prior to this I have been following her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & YouTube for a long time, even when she was first starting out (blonde health). Zanna injected the room with her bubbly personality and uplifted everyone’s moods! She has motivated me to work and to never give up on my goals (my blog being one of them). Even when things get challenging and exhausting.

This girl is a huge inspiration of mine and regularly uploads on all of her social media – for more information about Zanna and her incredible work check the links out here

Zanna’s links – Website / Facebook page / Instagram / YouTube / Twitter

Zanna has also featured in a previous blog post linked here –  My Online Inspirations – blog post link I love this girl a lot! There is too much to express.

The weekend at #BeFitFam #befitlondon opened my eyes to the opportunities that surround us and that we should be extremely grateful for the people who surround us as well. Being at a festival amongst other women who have a passion for health & fitness and want to make a change is extremely empowering. Although, we all have different goals we all can connect in some way. We either want to be more confident, healthier or happier as a whole. Having the privilege to attend such a marvellous event was overwhelming and it really embedded my passion for health and fitness deeper within me.

I can’t wait for next year. Of course, I took lots of images of my time in London. I travelled down Friday morning and explored the city and attended the event on Saturday. I spent my weekend eating lots of food, exploring the sites and unwinding. It was the perfect combination. I want to visit London more often!

If you are intrigued to know more about this amazing event be sure to check out their social media and website linked below!

Website / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

Friday – Exploring the city of London

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Saturday – Be:Fit London

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I would like to thank Luke & Leigh Fergus  at Be:Fit for inviting me along! & the team for creating such a magical event, it has really changed my outlook towards fitness.

I hope you all have a lovely week of positivity, inner sunshine and happiness. Remember, if the sun is shining where you are, take 5 minutes out and *relax* self-love is extremely important. Check out my previous post here – 12 Tips for Self-Love

Always here for a chat & guidance. You are not alone.

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Jessica x

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