12 Tips for Self-Love

tips for self love

12 Tips for Self-Love

This weeks post is all about my new love for podcasts! I usually listen to a podcast if I’m walking somewhere, in a taxi or perhaps doing something, which requires ‘background noise’, podcasts are a great way to move, get productive and listen to some good educational content.

However, sometimes you can even listen to an interesting radio interview!  Recently I have loved the “Life Is A Marathon” series by Bruce Van Horn. Insight, information and inspiration for this marathon called “life”! – His voice is extremely soothing and he isn’t too heavy and deep with his information, I like listening to his podcasts, as it is a great way to start the day in a positive way.

In one of his podcasts he shares Steven Aitchison’s ideas and tips on self-care. I wanted to share this information with you, in hope that it would inspire you and help you love yourself more. He is really interesting and definitely worth a listen.


 There will be some crossover points, but all of these points can be adapted to each and every one of you!

“Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?”

12 Tips for Self-Love

  1. If it feels wrong, don’t do it – what is my body feeling? Trust your inner knowing. Feel the energy, which you experience when you think about doing a particular task or social activity. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t participate.
  1. Say exactly how you feel – as soon as you know the truth, speak the truth. How somebody else deals with it, is his or her problem. Be true to yourself. If you want to say no, but you say yes, you’re not being true to yourself or the people who surround you. This can, in fact, affect the situation more, tell the people around you how you feel.
  1. Don’t be a people pleaser – be a self-pleaser first. Not in a selfish way. If you’re doing things just to make other people happy, you have got to tap in why you are actually doing it. If it’s not making you happy, to make them happy then you need to stop doing it. It is draining you and depleting you. This will harm you. Focus on the ‘why’ you’re doing this – links to the two previous points. If you get excited about something and feel positive thoughts towards something, then say yes! If you feel happy whilst making somebody else happy, then that is a gift. This is an energising practice.
  1. Trust your instincts – your gut knows as it is our second brain, we feel everything in our gut. This relates to step number one!
  1. Never speak badly about yourself – never speak an unkind word to yourself or about yourself. You are perfect; you are a unique creation and your journey of your life has led you absolutely perfectly to this moment in time. Don’t speak negatively about yourself. Always speak loving, kind and uplifting words about yourself, this will eventually shine through.
  1. Never give up on your dreams!Henry David Thoreau quote “go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined.” The reality of this is that 24 hours a day we are living the life we have imagined and we are going confidently in the direction of our dreams. However, ask yourself this. What are your dreams? And what is the life you imagine? We always foresee ourselves as never having as much money, or achieving our goals. If you don’t feel confident about your dreams, change your direction, change your pathway and mindset. See yourself getting the promotion, see yourself falling deeply in love, see your existing relationships getting stronger and more supportive. Never give up, it is never too late to live a truly wonderful life. It starts with you dreaming about the life you have always imagined.
  1. Don’t be afraid to say no – learn that it is perfectly ok to say no. Linking back to point number two.
  1. Don’t be afraid to say yes! – Say yes to your ambitions and your desires, the things that make you feel good. Be a yes to those things!
  1. Be kind to yourself – if being hard on yourself would have worked, it would have already worked by now. Be kind to yourself. Take care of your body, if you need a rest. Rest. Males and females should pamper themselves and look after themselves! Do something that makes you feel good, step away from the usual routine and do something enjoyable.
  1. Let go of what you can’t control – worrying or stressing about things which are beyond our control are something we should not waste time on. We cannot control the weather? So if it rains, you can’t make it stop, whether you get angry or not.. or cry.. it won’t stop. If you get angry at this, all it will do is a ruin a good day.. don’t get upset and angry over things you can’t change. Big and small. Just enjoy the ride and make the most of every moment.
  1. Stay away from drama and negativity – loose the weight (the weight with people, the weight of toxic relationships). Identify the relationships, which aren’t good for you, the people who bring negativity should not have an impact on your life. Don’t get caught up in drama, it wastes valuable time and is a negative practice. Avoid it.
  1. Love! – Self-love Is the most important type of love. Appreciate the beautiful creation you are. Don’t make yourself low or less worthy. You are amazing. Appreciate who you are first. You need to love yourself first before you can love another person.

Here’s the end of another blog post! But stay tuned for next weeks blog post. I have really loved writing at the moment and I am really trying hard for everyone who reads my blogs, I want every single one of you to take something away from my blog posts. Even if it just makes you smile, that makes me very happy. Of course, you’re amazing and this week is a week full of opportunities! Grab everything with both hands and stay positive. The sun does eventually shine, you just have to wait for the rain cloud to move. Don’t forget that.

Of course, you’re amazing and this week is a week full of opportunities! Grab everything with both hands and stay positive. The sun does eventually shine, you just have to wait for the rain cloud to move. Don’t forget that.

I am here for a chat so get me on social media! Linked in the sidebar, or at the bottom of the page. I hope you had a beautiful Easter. All my love, Jessica x

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