My Online Inspirations

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My Online Inspirations


This week’s blog post is all about the inspirations I find on the Internet. The people I follow on YouTube and Instagram and the blogs I love to read when I have some spare time. I love YouTube and I tend to watch a lot more videos online than I do the television, I love the diversity of the Internet.

As I have said in the past, surrounding yourself with people who have a positive attitude, radiate good vibes and bring the best out in you is a great way of staying positive and driven towards your goals. Although sometimes this is hard, it is most definitely worth it. The same goes for your social media, if you’re browsing the web or scrolling through your Instagram feed in the morning, this is a great way of implementing small positive changes through the people you follow and through the content in which you wish to read.

Here are just a few people I follow in order to stay positive, motivated and happy, just one click away! I look at these people and although I don’t know them personally I feel as if I make a connection with them and they make me feel as if there is still faith in the world. Following other people who promote positivity and balance makes you realise that there are people who have struggles too and still continue to work hard and strive for their goals (this is just a few of my favourites at the moment). Of course, we sometimes like to post the ‘highlights’ of our lives, but we are all normal and all have struggles and upsets. Sometimes I feel low and feel as if my goals are so far away, however, watching a simple YouTube video or scrolling through these Instagram pages, my mood is instantly lifted.


  •  Joe Wicks@thebodycoach – Lean in 15 videos, he does a 90 Day Fat Loss plan which has helped people all over the world! He makes super simple recipes and is an author of an amazing recipe book. He is a realist to the busy people in the world.


  • Zanna van Dijik@zannavandijik – Blogger, PT, and model who shares her fitness, food and travel journey. She is extremely determined and helps me stay motivated towards my own personal goals.


  • The Girl Gains Movement@thegirlgains – 3 girls empowering women promoting fitness, healthy living and happiness. These girls are utterly amazing and have helped me gain a lot of confidence since their uploads!




  • Madeleine Shaw – She is such a ray of sunshine, her smiley face cheers you up instantly after reading her blog posts or watching her videos. Author, healthy food lover and she embraces natural beauty. –


  • Ella Woodward – Of course Deliciously Ella had to be featured! Healthy food author, she experiments in the kitchen using all natural ingredients and has a calm and soothing approach, her imagery is beautiful too! –



  • Niomi Smart – I love her ‘What I Eat In A Day’ videos, all natural and delicious ingredients. I also have major style envy over her and love every single video she uploads.-  Link


  • Mimi Ikonn – Such a beautiful women. She knows exactly how to be happy and confident and she shows you ways in which to appreciate your surroundings. I am a new subscriber to her channel but I am glad I discovered her and her husband Alex. – Link


  • Estée Lalonde – Wow she is an amazing human being! She is hilarious, quirky and a realist. She embraces feminity and natural beauty. Canadian vlogger and blogger who discusses her travels, her love for interior design (my favourite) her love for make-up and fashion, her love for her pet dog Reggie, food, plants, crystals and her everyday adventures. A YouTube channel not to be missed! – Link


I hope you loved this post! I am heading to the Hemsley & Hemsley book signing this evening and I am so excited! – This is my first proper book signing. I am hoping to document everything here on my blog, so watch this space!

I hope you have a lovely week. Smash your goals, stay positive, be happy and smile. There are so many things to be happy about! Find the silver lining in that grey cloud. You’re amazing, don’t ever forget that. See you next week! In the meantime, follow me on Instagram to keep up to date with what I am doing. Links are at the bottom or sidebar.


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