How To Become More of A Morning Person

How to become a morning person

How To Become More of A Morning Person

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Singapore – Lion City.

“One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.”

I am fascinated by early mornings. Although this concept sounds strange, waking up early before everybody else and getting tasks done is a lot more satisfying than you think. It’s refreshing. You will only know this if you have tried it before. Getting up early and starting your day in the right way actually starts the night before (in my opinion) – preparation, a pet talk and positivity are things, which should be carried out before bed.

“I think in a place full of negativity we have to create our own positivity.”

Sometimes, I find morning’s hard work, however, gradually my mindset is changing and I can’t wait to start the day, I have realised that surrounding yourself with the right people makes a huge impact. I think in a place full of negativity, sometimes we have to create our own positivity and sunshine. If only I had the motivation back when I was at school.

The motivation to unwrap yourself from the quilt seems a lot more painful than we can ever imagine. I know because some days I do struggle! However, I now know the feeling of accomplishment you get from thinking that you have completed tasks before 9 am, (the gym being one of them).

“Wake up an hour early, to live an hour more.”


1. Prepare the day before

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This isn’t as complicated as it sounds. I prepare the day before even down to the outfit I am wearing, this is laid out ready for me to get dressed in the morning or I usually have an idea of what I will be wearing and where the items are, sometimes putting an outfit together can be time-consuming and sometimes a task we can’t be bothered tackling. (Packing your bag the night before also).

Prepare your breakfast the night before, overnight oats, muesli, a porridge sachet. All of these things could be laid out ready for you. Even your morning coffee or tea could be prepared and all that is needed is hot water and milk. These little things will make your mornings more approachable.

Preparing your lunch the day before, this could even be last night’s leftovers! Boxed up ready for lunchtime. This saves time in the morning, where you would usually be preparing a packed lunch to take to work or school. In my previous blog post I mentioned my love for meal prep – Click here to read more 

2. Set goals before you go to sleep and detach yourself from the Internet

Setting goals before you go to sleep will allow you to have a plan for the next morning and it is also a good way to keep motivated. Reading this before you go to sleep allows you to feel instantly more excited to wake up. Do this after putting your phone down. Detaching yourself from electronic devices will allow you to unwind and relax, ensuring you go to sleep peacefully.

3. Eat a lovely breakfast

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Referencing the meal prep, you could, however, plan the day before what breakfast you will be making. Remember your body has been starved of food and liquid during the night so a good meal to start the day is essential.

“After sleeping all night, our metabolism and blood sugar are at their lowest; we need a healthy breakfast to re-energize us.” says Rebecca Scritchfield, R.D., a Washington D.C. based nutrition and exercise expert specializing in weight management.

Protein, a colourful fruit or veggie, and a whole grain (Think: Greek yogurt topped with fresh blueberries topped with granola and chia seeds). Although any breakfast is good, whichever makes you happy and makes you able to tackle the day with a positive attitude. Remember it’s a lifestyle change! And it’s all about being positive & happy. If a bacon sandwich does this, then so be it!

4. Place the alarm clock across the room

I think this is a great idea for pulling yourself out of bed. No more snoozing off the alarm, as you are forced to wake up and switch it off. Don’t get back into bed, instantly make your bed and tuck away the covers, this is also a good way of diminishing the temptation to step back inside to the warm cosy covers.

“Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them.”

Remember living a healthy life and being happy is down to your own decisions and the way in which you approach situations. If this isn’t for you then don’t worry? If you want to get up earlier then great, I hope these ideas help towards you becoming more of a morning person. Sometimes it is hard, but sometimes we need to be productive and make the use of every single hour in the day. Make a few alterations in your daily routine and slow down the bad habits and you’re half way there. Believe in yourself and make the most of every minute, life is too short. We all know this.

Either way, you’re amazing.

I know you can do it! If you get your work done in the morning, the afternoon and evening are left free. Even if you had one early morning every week, it’s a great way of slowly progressing. 

Jessica x

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