February Favourites – 2016

February Favourites

The Things I Have Loved This Month – February 2016



“Every exit is an entrance to something else.”


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Progression can come in lots of different forms. However, this months progression has happened throughout several different parts in my life. I have made progression towards my eating and I have been eating well. I have been making sure to incorporate carbs into my diet more and become more flexible with my eating as well as experimenting with foods.

Being fit and healthy is something I am extremely passionate about and stand by. I want to feel fit and I want to be healthy if I have these two things as well as many other things I can tackle a lot. Keeping fit and going to the gym is one of my priorities, this month a lot of changes have been made in the gym and I am gradually building my confidence to try new things. Experiment with different exercises and pushing my body to failure. Sometimes, don’t get me wrong I have awful sessions at the gym, my mind just isn’t active and I don’t have the energy. But this is ok, we have to accept that these things happen and tomorrow is a new day, a new goal can be set and a new achievement will be made. Grab tomorrow with both hands and be happy! A lot worse could have happened.

New Gym Clothing

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This is something I haven’t spoken about on my blog before but I am keen to explore this area further. I am a huge sportswear lover and I believe within myself that if I wear brighter colours, it makes me feel more alive and happy. Strange concept but it works! My new Victoria Secret knockout tights are amazing, (Christmas vouchers well spent). They combine comfort, colour and sophistication.

Victoria Secret and PINK do the best sportswear leggings and they fit me perfectly, especially the ultimate yoga ones. They hug me and keep me sucked in! Comfort and confidence are two key things I need to have in order to go to the gym; sometimes sportswear allows me to feel a lot more confident if it fits me correctly. Having new gym wear is also a great source of motivation, motivation to show off the new outfit and test it out. Although the leggings were slightly pricey they are worth every penny and wash extremely well. I wear them a lot and wash them a lot and they still remain in great condition, definitely going to invest in some more again soon.These tights/leggings come in a variety of colours and styles, making sure to reach out to everyone and match every colour way you like!

  • “nylon performance fabric with 4-way stretch meets a new waistband that slims and stays in place for total comfort, all with a pocket large enough to hold your phone.
  • Medium rise with second-skin fit and lined, reinforced gusset
  • Smooth seams reengineered with softer thread for total comfort
  • Waistband with mesh lining slims & stays in place throughout workout
  • Hidden drawstring waist; large waistband pocket holds iPhone® 6
  • Nylon performance fabric with 4-way stretch
  • Body-Wick keeps you cool & dry
  • Machine wash. Tumble dry
  • Imported nylon/spandex”

Meal Prepping

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Who would have thought meal prepping could be so satisfying. This past month I have been meal prepping my lunches for convenience and to help me make the right choices at lunch time without choosing badly whilst I am out or at university. Not only has this helped me a lot towards progression in an overall fitness way it has helped me stay energised, saved me money and helped me stay a lot more organised. An hour is put aside every few days and I meal prep, this saves so much more time and allows me to get on with my to-do list on the other days.

I schedule meal prepping into my daily routine and I wouldn’t look back. It is the perfect way to see results and get your diet on the right track. My meals usually consist of – sweet potato, brown rice or quinoa, a variety of vegetables and then either egg, fish or chicken. However, last night’s leftovers are also a great option too! Whichever works for you, I try not to make these meals boring so a little seasoning is also added. Rice cakes and peanut butter are also added for an additional snack straight after lunch. This works for me. Snacks throughout the day are usually made there and then. This is something new to me, so sometimes I don’t meal prep and just eat what I want at that time. As I begin to get better at it I shall try to meal prep even more meals. I tend to be ok when choosing snacks, my breakfast and an evening meal. However, if you feel like you make the wrong choices, meal prep is for you!


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Yes, of course, this probably makes a regular occurrence on my blog but I am a true chocoholic and I am not afraid to admit this. This month I have indulged and tried lots of different chocolates. I usually eat chocolate sprinkled on my Greek yoghurt bowl in the evening. I don’t usually crave chocolate throughout the day as I fix these cravings with fruit and peanut butter, dried fruit and nuts. However, if you want a chocolate bar, then eat it!

My favourite chocolate this month has consisted on Lindt Salted Caramel, The Belgian chocolates I got gifted at the beginning of the month, Reeses peanut butter cups and my mighty 400g of chocolate coated raisins (my secret obsession) they taste absolutely delicious on top my porridge!


This month has been a month of opportunities, stepping out my comfort zone and pushing myself to achieve goals and tick things off my to-do list. Presentations in front of an audience I don’t know, creating another article, meeting strict deadlines and working hard towards speaking to new people. All of these things have happened this month and have opened up several different opportunities!

Sometimes we don’t want to step outside of our comfort zone as we lack confidence and strength. However, we cannot gain either confidence or strength if we don’t try new things and push ourselves. Believe in yourself. Honestly, you can do it, I panic and worry a lot about things that aren’t even worth that much value, however, if I can do it. You can do it. It’s simple. Whatever we set our mind to, we can definitely achieve. The feeling of accomplishment once achieving something that we never thought we could do is beautiful and makes me want to try more new things. One step closer to being happier, confident and stronger.

Trying something new whenever the opportunity arises is a great way to gradually step outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes little goals could be set each day to achieve this. Like saying hi to somebody at the gym you wouldn’t normally talk to if this is something that worries you (speaking to new people)… Do it gradually, the things you find challenging. I can almost guarantee that it isn’t just you struggling, a lot of other people will be finding the same thing just as challenging. You won’t know this until you speak out.

An amazing well-done if you have already achieved your goals this week that have pushed yourself despite feeling a little down! You’re amazing. Relax and have fun with this, don’t worry and don’t stress. Enjoy the process and enjoy the journey of progression. This doesn’t happen overnight so enjoy every minute of it. Remember it is a lifestyle change. Follow me on Instagram for more information!

“Become friends with people who aren’t your age. Hang out with people whose first language isn’t the same as yours. Get to know someone who doesn’t come from the same social class. This is how you see the world. This is how you grow.”


I hope you have a great week and I will be back next week with another blog post! Catch up with me and keep up to date with the things I am doing over on my social media. Linked in the sidebar, or at the bottom of the page on a mobile device.



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