Motivational Monday – Positive Mindset Towards Organisation.

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Motivational Monday – Positive Mindset Towards Organisation.

Having a positive mindset towards tasks can be extremely exhausting in its process. In fact, sometimes you even want to give up and question why you are doing it.

The reason why some of us work or invest in education is to primarily have a good job, good money and overall materialistic happiness. However some people want to study because they want to travel, explore and have more knowledge on a subject area they are passionate about. Of course, I want a good job, a nice house and other material things. But sometimes we have to stay positive and enjoy the ‘now’ rather than getting down about the future.

Whenever I complete an assignment I am one step closer to having what I want. I am one step closer to the goal and aspirations I am striving for. At the end of the day, we are paying to go to university, use it wisely and take advantage of the facilities that surround you. A library is a great place. Yes, the library. People, who go there are motivated, have goals and want to complete their work. Surrounding yourself in this environment is great. Which follows on to my first tip.

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  • Surround yourself with like-minded people. – People who are motivated, hard working and have goals. – Even a few hours at the library a week can impact on your study a lot, it’s a great environment to get work done and it’s free. The resources are brilliant and, of course, are valuable to you and your work. This could apply to you and your workplace, is there a certain place at your work where people are motivated, have goals and aspirations? That’s where you should spend some more time.


  • Get dressed, stay hydrated and eat well. – Start the day as you mean to go on. What I mean by this is get dressed, make yourself presentable and have a delicious wholesome breakfast. When working from home, it is very easy to wear your pyjamas all day and snack on everything in sight. I am more productive when I am already dressed and ready for the day. Eating a good breakfast sets me up for the day and deletes one less distraction (hunger) also have a healthy breakfast will improve productivity levels due to having more energy.
  • Meal prep is key. Prep some meals the night before to keep you going. Perhaps a vegetable curry that you could freeze to keep you going for the next few days?
  • Staying hydrated is important for overall health and can improve productivity levels too, you don’t want to be having headaches when you have deadlines to meet.


  • Set targets and goals to achieve within the day. – So for assignments, in particular, I aim for a word count each day. Every hour I want to produce 300 words, and if I achieve this I get a 10-minute break. Some days I can only work in half an hour slots because of my mindset, but this is fine, whichever is better for you. To do lists help a lot! Writing a list at the beginning of your day with your breakfast allows you to have a plan and become productive from the minute you wake up – labelling things with headings “urgent” “after lunch” “not so urgent” for example; allow you to be specific and work to a time frame.


  • Cancelling out distractions. – This applies to any work that needs to be done: housework, coursework or revision. Social media and my phone usually distract me – aeroplane mode is a brilliant way of switching off notifications on your phone. However, leaving your phone downstairs or upstairs depending on wherever you aren’t working. Work in an environment that isn’t distracting, the local library, university or a quiet room. I have to work in silence so this is what works for me.


  • Get organised – diary and calendar. –At Christmas, I received a calendar and was excited to visually present my agenda and tasks to do throughout the week for a reminder. Since having a calendar on my wall, I have used it for many purposes – to mark down meal prep times, personal training sessions, deadlines and the time I have off. Keeping organised and having selected times for certain tasks allows me to get the most out of my day and not waste any time.


  •  Diary. – I have a reflective diary where I write about anything that is bothering me or any positive thoughts I have. I also have a diary for meal preparation, workouts and important tasks. – As previously said having allocated time for all tasks allows you to get more done within a single day.
  • For example Meal prep could be at the beginning and the middle of the week in the morning at 8 am. I mark down when I will have breakfast and then when I work out and which days. I also mark down when I will read my book, check emails, do research and complete assignments as well as their corresponding deadlines. Keeping organised takes time but it is so worth it


  • Take time out to relax. – In a previous post, I featured some of the ways I like to unwind. Sometimes we need to take a step back from our usual routine to do something we enjoy and this will help us feel more grounded. This could be anything that you love doing! This, of course, is another important task and should be scheduled within your day or week. To prevent overworking, we must take the time to relax, unwind and reflect ready to tackle any more challenges that come our way.


“Take action.”

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