Start Your 2016 With – Goals and Positivity




Start 2016 with Goals and Positivity

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“Go after your dreams because the only person who is going to fight hard for your future, is yourself.”

This evenings post is all about my targets and goals I will set throughout the whole of 2016. This can be suggested as a “new years resolution” however; I truly believe targets can be set throughout the whole year but it is more refreshing starting the year with new targets to reach. The targets I am setting with be realistic in order to achieve them and be able to reflect on them. Being specific helps too, allowing you to get one step closer each time to the outcome. Having a positive attitude towards your goals, ambitions and targets is the first stage.. Believing you can truly achieve whatever you set your mind to. If you have this mind set, you’re half way there. It is hard, but without the obstacles it really would not be worth it. Have fun, laugh often and love always.

The first goal I will be setting is to experiment more with food and increase my intake throughout the day. My only down fall when it comes to nutrition is I don’t consume enough food to help muscle recovery and other aspects. This year I need to increase my intake to ensure I reach the other targets I am setting.

Experimenting with food is something I love! I am wanting to invest in a Nutribullet but I am very confused as to where to purchase one from, discount codes and if I can perhaps get one-second hand? Being a student is difficult sometimes when you want to purchase luxury items. However, clever thinking and finding lots of discount codes may perhaps help me! Does anybody know the best place to purchase one? PLEASE? I want to get a Nutribullet to experiment with different meals and share them on my blog and social media for you all to enjoy.

Read more although being an English student I don’t usually read many books that are interesting or personal to me. I spend the majority of my day reading books targeted specifically towards a module I am studying. Finding 10-30 minutes a day to read my own preferred text and unwind is something I have started to really enjoy and want to continue on throughout 2016. Book recommendations are more than welcome! The book I am currently reading is featured on my last blog post! – The previous blog post link

Write in my diary every day, I have written in a diary for five years and have loved every moment of it. However, towards the end of this year, a lot of things got in the way and I completely forgot how important it was to me to write in a diary. Writing a diary allows me to offload, unwind and have a positive state of mind. I note down any exciting things that have happened, my thoughts, my feelings and my emotions. Writing a diary is so simple! Nobody will ever see it (unless you want them to) so have fun with it and offload at the end of the day, allowing the next day to start fresh. You could even write in it once a week and do a weekly round up!

Be more organised – Let’s be more specific, I only love tidying when I have a tonne of university work to do. When I need to tidy and keep organised I can’t seem to do it. I have created the 60-second rule If a job takes less then 60 seconds then do it at that moment in time if it takes longer then select a dedicated time for it in the day. Making my bed takes less than 60 seconds; this can be done every morning. Hoovering my bedroom takes slightly longer so this would be scheduled within my day when I have 10 minutes free. Picking up clothing and putting it away takes less than 60 seconds, so this can be done straight away rather than creating a “floordrobe” – a wardrobe that lives on the entire circumference of your bedroom floor.

“Every good thing that has happened in your life occurred because something changed.”

Improve fitness, mind set and strength all of which will help contribute to my success in other areas. My mind set is something I particularly struggle with, although I like to promote positive strategies I find it extremely hard to be mentally positive. When I am faced with obstacles that force my current situation to change I struggle and worry, (worrying is something I am particularly good at). However, this needs to change in order for me to progress further. Having a positive attitude towards everything allows you to be healthier inside and out.

Of course we all think that everything has a negative aspect, every situation has something negative about it, ‘every obstacle that was put in front of your chosen pathway was put there deliberately to ruin everything and stop you from achieving your goals, nobody even wants you to succeed’ < My thoughts. If you take a step back and look at everything you have achieved and overcome it creates your personal story, represents how strong you are and how every “bad” situation has to occur in order to progress further in your pathway. Although at the time we cannot see that this outcome is possible but have faith and please believe that the pain and loneliness we feel sometimes won’t last forever. Pain will soon pass and something better will come along that nourishes your soul within, we have to experience pain and loneliness to appreciate something else that comes along in our journey.

Improving my strength will be a combination of time at the gym and nourishing my body with all the correct foods! Having fun along the way, having faith and keeping dedicated. – Let’s do this together!

Throughout the year, I shall continue to set new targets, however, for now, these are just a few I have selected that I wanted to share. What are your targets for 2016? Are you confident and excited you can achieve them?

As I say at the end of every blog post I always want to hear feedback from the people who read my blogs. Thank you for taking the time to read this evening’s blog post and I truly hope 2016 brings you positivity, health and happiness. For more information follow me on my other social networks, listed at the bottom of this post or in the side bar.


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