Start Your Day In The Right Way | Peace, Love, Pray and Food.

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“Kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world. No matter what you look like.”

“Start Your Day in The Right Way” will be a series of posts that encourage you to start your day in a positive way. This could be the food you eat, the books you read, the workouts you do and anything that helps me stay inner channeled towards positivity. I truly hope you take something from this. Thank you for stopping by.

Sometimes I can write blog posts and other times I have zero motivation or inspiration. I truly don’t believe in creating blog posts for the sake of writing, as I want them to serve a purpose and help at least one person. I use it as a release mechanism to help me offload my thoughts.

This evening’s post is all about how I want to channel my thoughts towards some other things at this difficult time. I don’t want to dwell too much on things that have happened, I feel as if my blog isn’t the correct place to do that and those feelings need to be guided elsewhere to the people that matter most. I am writing this blog post to help other people who are perhaps feeling alone or need comfort at this extremely festive time of the year.

With Christmas soon approaching upon us there is love everywhere. Which is lovely for some but reminds some people of a loss or of something or somebody who isn’t there anymore. Channelling our inner thoughts towards other things helps the clarity of the human mind.

Peace – Finding inner peace is important to be happy within yourself. Without other people and being truly happy with yourself as a human being. This could be changing the way you look or accepting your flaws and admiring them as individual pieces that make you- YOU, doing things that you enjoy or changing the way you start your day to include inner peace within. Peace is sometimes hard to find (most people go on holiday to find this) people like to escape when things get challenging or hard, rather than facing their problems head on and being mentally and physically strong. We are all scared of being a failure and want to succeed in everything we do, this is possible. However, sometimes we have to fail to succeed. Makes no sense but an easy way of putting it is bad things have to happen for the good to come along. You will succeed if you have faith and word extremely hard.

Love – Love hard. Love the people who treat you right and are there for you no matter what. Sounds easy but life gets in the way sometimes and we let it suffocate us, rather than noticing the things that matter. We are all rubbish at thinking that certain people will be there forever. I always think my Nanna will be here forever, however, I know one day she won’t be. When she has served her purpose on this planet it will be her time to go, I truly believe she has a few more people she needs to help before this happens and I like to look at life at this point of view. Being positive and accepting what happens. The world is cruel and horrible things happen but it is all part of nature and the big change to make this world eventually, a nicer place to live in. (Although that is hard to see now).

Pray – Subconsciously we all pray, that doesn’t mean you have to go to church or become religious. It just means sometimes things don’t work out the way we want them to, so we subconsciously wish for things to happen or wish for a better outcome. We create scenarios in our head of reality and expectations, which can mentally beat us up or help us grow stronger. Praying does not mean you are strange it just means you want to grow and you want better things to happen. It does not mean you don’t appreciate the things around you, sometimes people say thanks if they have passed an exam, or had a baby or become married all of which have different connotations. We say thanks to whoever is listening. In a moment of despair and loneliness, we pray for guidance and help, as we are lost. All things progress and eventually become better, patience is key.

Food – I love food. Although it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside it also helps radiate good vibes on the outside. “You are what you eat” literally, we all know that saying and human nature does reveal what we eat. If we are kind to our bodies then it is kind to us. This doesn’t mean you can’t eat that chocolate bar, muffin or take away? Sometimes those are the things that make us feel good, in which case is good for our mental health. Treat food as fuel for better things rather than a reward.

“Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy. If it does all of those things.. Then it is not time to let go.”

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All my thoughts, love and wishes. Jessica x


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