Motivational Monday – Find Some Balance

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I am writing this on a Sunday evening even though it is uploaded normally on a Monday. I dedicate this to my first post of ‘Motivational Monday’. Recently I have tried to exclude myself from blogging and the crazy world of writing. I have focused on university, my family, my ‘best friend’ and people that have needed me. However, things change and we have to alter our sails to go in a different direction. This evening I am making the commitment to change my sail and go in a different direction. Believe me, I am hurting inside. I am confused at the moment. I wanted to share this stage on my blog. I have struggled with my weight for a few months and have truly been fighting an endless battle to have a proper appetite due to stress and silly things that make a huge impact within your life, without your control.

Don’t get me wrong I love food and I am hugely appreciative of everything I have around me. Sometimes, we aren’t happy and we concentrate too much on pleasing other people that we let ourselves fall beside the waste line and it takes us longer to get back up again. I need to learn to have balance and control both. I think I am ready for this and you are too. I always believe in making other people happy as it makes me feel a sense of accomplishment inside.

Writing this blog post was something I needed to do before the New Year. Nothing to do with “New Year new me”.. Sort of wishes. (As I truly believe goals and targets can be set at any time of the year you don’t need January to do that). Happiness is a huge thing in my life and I am always on the search to find things that make me feel happy, make me smile or make an imprint within my life. I am now ready to start a new journey, believe me letting go of a best friend, an animal anything that means something of worth or meaning to you is hard to let go of, especially when you don’t want to.

Sometimes we have to let people make their own mistakes and it is very healthy to spend some time alone, this helps you discover what you truly love and that you should not be treated a certain way to feel accepted. Do not be defined by somebody else, you are your own person, have your own beliefs, hobbies, passions and ambitions. Mentally deleting the toxic people in your life will help the journey become easier. Sometimes thinking about things actually helps.

I am very worried to start again but I am excited to discover new things. At this stage I am going to take some time out to do the things I want to do. My blog being one of them. I have created a new design for a university assignment I have been doing and I thought it had a good format for this blog! I always love a little colour, especially on the blog so a few new things will be making an appearance very soon.

I think we all have wishes and dreams and without dreams we cannot, pursue our inner ambitions.

If you want a nice body, go and get it. If you want to become successful in law, then study, study, study and work hard. If you want that handbag in the shop then buy it. If you want to tell somebody you love them, then do it. Who cares? Being afraid is a horrible thing and I am certainly feeling that right now. Find yourself, find happiness, find what you want because, believe me, it is waiting out there for you. Appreciate the people around you. Especially the ones who have made an imprint. Don’t let me them go. I truly believe to never ignore somebody who loves you, cares for you and misses you. One day you will wake up from that dream and realise they aren’t there anymore.

Here is to some new goals and targets to reach. What are yours? & how do you cope with being alone?


  • I will be back to blogging when I feel the need to post something, discover a new recipe or have some exciting news to share.
  • If you have not already you can get me via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook by clicking the links in the sidebar.
  • At the moment, things feel very strange so I am gradually going to begin writing again.
  • A lot of things have happened this year, some have been amazing and some have let me down. However, we learn from everything.

“Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice.”

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