Exciting News! – Lancashire Life Magazine

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Exciting News! – Lake District Life & Lancashire Life Magazine

This summer I have been extremely busy, although the weather wasn’t the best I wanted to guide my concentration elsewhere. Towards something, I am extremely passionate about. Creative writing.

Let’s go back to the start first…

My initial love for writing began around 5 years ago when I discovered my interest in diary writing. Diary writing was a priority in my daily routine, helping me organise and also write down any thoughts and feelings that day or week. It helped me get things onto paper rather than carrying emotions, negative thoughts and nasty comments around in my head or on my shoulders. It was a great way to de-stress and relax in the evening or morning.

However, now I only use a diary to document down things that are extremely important to me. I also use it for moments in my life where I feel lonely and have nobody to talk to, I reach for my diary as I feel like it helps me analyse situations and make decisions properly. As well as having somebody imaginary to talk to.

Some people think writing a diary is time-consuming, boring and simply hard work. Diary writing should come easy to you and it should be something you enjoy otherwise it is not worth it. Reading back over my diaries is an overwhelming experience realising how far I have come and how many obstacles I have had put in my way.

When I began college I wanted to create a blog and document my memories, like an online archive I can come back to in the future. It was nothing serious and just something fun and it still remains this way now. I love expressing the things I am passionate about and helping people along the way, it is most definitely part of my journey.

This summer I had an exciting opportunity to work with Lake District Life & Lancashire Life Magazine to produce an article. My task was to interview an opera singer aged 23, called Alexandra Lowe. She is absolutely beautiful inside and out. Alexandra is definitely one of the most inspirational people I have ever met and after the interview I went away feeling inspired and dedicated to following my inner dreams and happiness.

Meeting somebody with such talent is overwhelming in itself never mind writing a piece for the magazine. I recently went to visit her concert at Bolton Abbey – read my blog post here!

I interviewed Alexandra and wrote a double page spread for her, chose images and the editor helped with the layout of the article. Overall, I am completely amazed by how it turned out. I feel extremely thankful for everybody at Lake District Life & Lancashire Life for giving me a chance and such an amazing opportunity. I am excited for what the future holds and where my creative writing will go next. Journalism is a huge interest of mine and I cannot wait to delve deeper in the world of writing and journalism. The October issue is out now in the majority of big supermarkets and bookshops. Lancashire Life can also be purchased online.

Find the link to the article here featured on their website – HERE


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Pastries, tea and coffee to accompany my chosen read for today – Lake District Life & Lancashire Life Magazine.

I Would love to hear your feedback on the article! What is your favourite magazine?

Jessica xo

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