A Refresh | Be Inspired By Your Surroundings.

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I have come to a stage in my life where change is currently happening and I have to accept it. Decisions are being made and I am actually feeling a lot more grown up for this? Crazy! I have to let go of things, focus on the future and surround myself with lovely things and positivity. All of which seems so bizarre and I cannot believe what is happening at the moment, but my life currently feels like a world wind of emotions.

These stages in our life are most definitely the crazy one’s but they are so special. The times we are so busy we actually cannot consider thinking about ourselves we just have to enjoy the moment and roll with it. Opportunities have come my way and I feel totally overwhelmed. University is exciting and I have begun my 2nd year! Decisions are now being made for where I move to next. I want to move away from Blackpool and I am finally ready… Oh, my!

I am a huge lover of creativity, colour and home décor! This is where this post fits perfectly within my blog agenda and what I am currently up to at the moment. My surroundings are extremely important to me; they help me feel inspired, safe and ready to take on another day. My bedroom is somewhere I study, brainstorm and relax, all of which need to be fuelled by some sort of creativity.  (Well for me this is what works.)

My bedroom felt extremely cluttered by old memories, unwanted things and old items, which could be sold. I had a huge clear out and I am still in this process! I have been ruthless, sent things to charity and I am now selling my other items, which are in good condition and need re-homing.

Just a simple thing like clearing out my bedroom brought such positivity to my surroundings and made me feel instantly refreshed and energised.. Ready to tackle my to-do list. I targeted each area of my bedroom one step at a time and asked myself the same question each time I was unsure about keeping something ‘’have I used this in the past 3 months? Will I use it again? Or does it bring back memories of happiness?’’ All of these questions obviously relate to different items in my bedroom, but this worked for me.

You know, clearing out my bedroom was extremely therapeutic and helped me look back through happy memories. I also realised how much rubbish I had! Embarrassing!

Anyway, the way forward now is to re-vamp my bedroom décor and create a fresh, chic and inspiring bedroom. Pinterest is the perfect place to resort to when you are looking for inspiration! I have found some gorgeous images of the type of feel I am going for. I am gradually doing this so I am picking pieces carefully and spending my money wisely.

‘’Clutter free surroundings result in a clutter free mind.’’

I am still keeping my frame wall. I am just having a more minimalist approach this time around. I will only have things that inspire me on my bedroom wall, quotes, artwork or famous icons. Lots of clean and crisp storage will be used under my bed and on top of my wardrobe to make the room look bigger and more refreshed. & new bedding of course!

Here are some truly beautiful images I am using to inspire my decisions..


I love this frame wall and the use of hot pink against the gold.


Adore the frame wall and the selected images.




Bedding love!






Hope you enjoyed! I am on the hunt for bedding and I have looked everywhere. Do you have any suggestions? Or perhaps where I could get some beautiful images/prints from?

Thanks so much!

Jessica xo

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