My 19th Birthday | 25/08/15.

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25/08/2015 – I turned 19!!!

I have officially turned 19! Do I feel different? Not much although my birthday made me realise a lot. It made me realise how truly lucky I am to be surrounded by supporting family, magical friends and a truly amazing boyfriend.

I have most definitely changed in a year and a lot of things around me have changed, for the better and for the worse but these are the things that mould us all as a person. I have had to face a lot of challenges, mentally and physically.

The people around me have supported me and brought the best out in me and I couldn’t wish for anything else. Adam, my boyfriend, supports me in every decision I make and I feel extremely lucky to have somebody who understands me and connects with me. I am just hoping for the best in the future and I hope we can continue to make fun memories. My friends are super magical and are my fairy godmothers! And my family are the unit that surround me, to help me strive for progress and to appreciate the truly wonderful things in life.

Sometimes looking back at how far we have developed over time is a rewarding feeling and allows us all to develop even more throughout the following year. Material things are most definitely lovely but I cherish the memories we make, the laughs and the moments that take our breath away as material things don’t last as long as memories. I want to thank every person who wished me happy birthday, sent me a card and even got me a gift! I feel completely blessed to have you all in my life and I couldn’t thank you all enough, every single one of you made my birthday very special.

Birthdays are an excuse (in my eyes) to celebrate and bring everyone together, to laugh & eat lots of cake! Of course my mum made an amazing cake for my birthday, even Mary Berry from Great British Bake Off would be proud. My mum most definitely has magic powers.

What did I do?

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I spent the morning of my birthday eating pain au chocolat, drinking tea, opening gifts and cards. I had my very own little tea party! Delicious! This followed by afternoon tea at Ribby Hall Spa Hotel and then carried on into the evening at The Cartford Inn.

Ribby HAll Holiday Village – Orangery, Spa Hotel.

FullSizeRender (61)

FullSizeRender (48)

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FullSizeRender (49)

Have your own Ribby Hall experience here!

I chose to have afternoon tea at Ribby Hall as it is a super special place for me, having being a member of Ribby Hall for a while and, of course, growing up there. It is my sanctuary and my second home. Afternoon tea was delicious and I wouldn’t have spent my birthday any other way. I am now counting down the days until I can have afternoon tea again. Tea, cake and finger sandwiches = perfection.

The Cartford Inn

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FullSizeRender (59)

When I was a little girl I use to eat cockles every second of every day. They were my obsession and still to this day I adore them. From the jar or fresh. My dad kept this little shell for me and told me to keep it for a reminder of such a lovely 19th birthday. A little trinket to add to the rest!

FullSizeRender (58)

You have to visit The Cartford Inn – Click here!

The Cartford Inn is my favourite place! Every time I have the choice to eat out somewhere The Cartford Inn is my first choice. The service is perfect, the food is perfect and the surroundings are perfect. I feel like The Cartford Inn is just one of a kind. All the little things I love and it makes it the ideal place for relaxation and chill out time. My family, friends and boyfriend all love The Cartford Inn and I want to thank every member of staff for making my birthday very special. Singing me ‘’Happy Birthday’’, bringing me a little trio of desserts and a candle! All so special and I was completely shocked. I will be back soon!

little Extras..

FullSizeRender (60)

FullSizeRender (38)

Extremely special gift of Adam! Amazed!

FullSizeRender (36)

The Beach House Blackpool (the evening before my birthday). Adam and I Indulged in some gorgeous seafood, chocolate cake and pizza. Very lucky to have been treated by Adam. The perfect date night with the perfect person.

I then came home and ate pretzels on the sofa with Adam whilst watching t.v (glamorous).. Although I thought it was the perfect end to my birthday! Birthdays are super exciting for me (a big kid at heart) and I am very very lucky. I am still overwhelmed now!

Thank you, everyone. You’re amazing.

I hope you liked the pictures! I tried to capture everything because I was so overwhelmed. I have been truly spoilt the evening before my birthday & on my birthday, I could not believe it!

Here is to another year of memories, ups and downs and positivity! I can’t wait to see where I am in a years time…

Jessica xo

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