My Updated | Skincare Routine.

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My Updated Skincare Routine.

Using one product!

I have always struggled with finding products, which agree with my skin type and are not harsh on my complexion.

I previously did a post a few months ago on the products I adored from the Simple skincare range. Most recently, I have completely forgotten about Simple skincare and have taken a new direction. I have minimised it down to one product! Yes, one product! Not only is this a simple and easy routine to maintain it has made my skin feel completely refreshed and clean.

Some products are packed that full of chemicals and leave your skin feeling tight and ‘’squeaky’’ clean after using them. For me, this is not a natural feeling. Once, using a product your skin should feel refreshed and hydrated and ready for applying your make-up and moisturiser of choice.

I understand that people who read this may not necessarily agree to me using one product but for me it works and my skin reacts extremely well to the usage of one product only. After I have carried out my usual skincare routine I follow it by using a tinted moisturiser and a light application of make-up.

E45! Is the only product I use, I have grown up using this and I now worship the product. The majority of my family swear by this moisturiser and love it. I use it for cleansing, washing my face and moisturising and for me it works great.


The E45 vision (a small piece of writing from their website)

‘’E45 knows that your skin demands real results and not cover-ups. We understand the importance of quality everyday skin care products that provide the best possible care for your skin with minimum fuss.

Up to 66% of women claim not to have normal skin. For 60 years E45 has been the clinically proven, trusted skin care expert in sensitive skin moisturisers, dry skin moisturisers and treatment for eczema, dermatitis and other skin problems. E45 has proven dermatological expertise that is dedicated to vulnerable skin. ‘’

Skincare for me is an essential item for anti-ageing and to give confidence. When my skin flares up and begins to start a breakout my confidence is at an ultimate low, this is why when I discovered the multiple uses E45 has to offer I had to try it out. Using limited products on my face has had a super positive effect due to having extremely sensitive skin. I drink lots of water and live a healthy lifestyle, which also contributes to healthier looking skin.

Step 1 – Cleanse.


This step I do every single day whether I have worn make-up or not as it allows me to remove dirt in a gentle way. I simply apply a few pumps of E45 to a cotton wool pad and in circular motions remove all of the make-up off my face. I also carry out this step to remove mascara too. It removes the most stubborn mascara! Including waterproof

Step 2 – Wash.

I apply a few small pumps of E45 into my hand and apply it all over my face, I then wash this off with warm water, followed by cold water to close the pores again.

Step 3 – Moisturise.

I only apply a small amount to moisturise with as it can become greasy and tacky. So I use a minimal amount.

E45 Website

I hope you all enjoyed this type of blog post! I just had to share this as it has worked for me. If you do try it, I would love to hear feedback!

What skincare do you use? Do you have one favourite product?

I just turned 19!!!! Happy belated birthday to me. I cannot wait to share a few things I did on my 19th birthday to make it super special. Watch this space!

Jessica x

7 thoughts on “My Updated | Skincare Routine.

  1. shemakesitup says:

    That’s so interesting that you use it to cleanse, I would never have guessed that would work with it being a cream. I’m really tempted to give this a try but I don’t know if I can give up my obsession with Micellar water! x

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