Alexandra Lowe | The Priory Church, Bolton Abbey.
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These past few months have been hectic and exciting. I have had the chance to meet so many intelligent and lovely people it has been slightly overwhelming. I have also had an insight into what I would like to do in the future as a potential career pathway (creative writing) and I have loved every second of it.

Alexandra is currently at the Royal Northern College of Music – where she is currently studying her Bachelor of Music degree and would kindly appreciate any funding. If you would like to contact her all details appear on the website. Purchasing one of her amazing CD’s it is not only benefiting you, it also will benefit Alexandra in supporting her studies.

On Saturday the 8th of August I attended Alexandra Lowe’s concert at The Priory Church, Bolton Abbey. It was a truly beautiful evening and I got to spend it with my parents alongside guests such as: The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire.

It was an honour to be there with such inspirational people surrounding the venue. From beautiful raffle prizes to exclusive signed copies of Alexandra’s album all the little things contributed to the evening and made every single moment worth cherishing.

My review of the evening was featured in Cavern Herald and Pioneer Newspaper today which states:

‘’I left the concert feeling empowered and embraced by Alexandra’s voice.

The picturesque views at Bolton Abbey were breathtaking and undoubtedly it was the perfect venue.

When Alexandra began to sing her first note of Mozart’s Soave sia il vento – Cosi Fan Tutte, I got a rush of goose bumps. All of a sudden, there was silence, as we were all captivated by her presence as she began to sing.

Thanks go to baritone Thomas Isherwood, mezzo-soprano Hollie-ann Bangham, violinist Joy Becker and Pianist Simon Passmore. All of their hard work paid off, leaving me filled with joy and inner calmness.’’



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Thankyou to my parents who accompanied me at the opera and thank you to everyone for such a lovely evening. I cannot wait to do it all over again in the near future. October is soon coming and that is when things get exciting. Watch this space!

For more information of events, general information and contact details check out the link below for Alexandra Lowe

Website Link


Jessica x

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