”When Life Gets in The Way, All You Need is Food.”

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‘’When life gets in the way, all you need is food.’’

And that has most definitely been me this week. I have had a break from blogging to catch up with everything and organise myself. I have overcome some obstacles and had some emotional goodbyes, but I am back and ready to blog about the food I have loved this month. It is crazy how much can happen in the space of a week! Time goes way too quickly.


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‘’A small bowl of porridge each day could be the key to a long and healthy life after a major study by Harvard University found that whole grains reduce the risk of dying from heart disease.’’ Telegraph News.

Porridge, of course, is a huge staple in my diet and I have it for breakfast every single morning without fail. It keeps me full up and is a great way to include fibre into your diet, releasing energy slowly throughout the day until lunchtime. I have to experiment with toppings as much as possible to ensure I am trying a variety and I look forward to my breakfast. A mixture of different fruits alongside nuts, dried fruit, milled linseed and 85% dark chocolate are all the yummy things I like to add on top. My homemade granola sprinkled on top is also another discovery I have found! It adds extra crunch and tastes insane, check out the recipe here.

Snack Time

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  • Dark chocolate covered dried cranberries, these are little balls of magic and are a sweet treat too.
  • Banana and nut butter = mmmm. Simply slice your banana into several slices and dip into peanut butter, a marvellous creation.
  • Fruit juices, freshly pressed for a little boost of energy and vitamins.

Main Meal

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This month Adam surprised me with a night away in Manchester, tickets to see a comedy and an evening meal. We ended up eating at Chaophraya = Thai Restaurant. The service was great and the food was extremely lovely. The array of starters and mains were pretty mouth watering and I still want some now. Definitely somewhere to go back to!


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Greek yoghurt, granola, fruit and chocolate are most definitely my most favourite things to eat before bed. Even my boyfriend enjoys this? So I must be doing something right. It is super refreshing and satisfying to have before bed and isn’t too heavy on the stomach after eating a main meal. I have previously shown in recent posts what I have on top of my Greek yoghurt but here are a few more pictures ^.

I hope this has somewhat inspired you or you have just had a general nosey at what I have been eating.. I am still continuing to eat well and indulging sometimes to ensure I have a healthy balance.


Jessica xo

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