What Have I been Eating? | Top Five Favourite Healthy Foods.

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This week has been  packed full of work ready for my final hand in at university. I am now free for the whole of summer and I cannot believe my 1st year is over. A lot of hard work and dedication was put into the year and I am so happy it has begun to pay off.

I am extremely happy to get a chance to sit down and write a post for everyone on my favourite healthy foods and what I have been eating this week. My peanut butter cravings have had to be put to a stop because my skin has begun to be extremely bad and breakouts are everywhere! So my diet usually reflects on the outside. Here is to drinking lots of water to purify the skin! *praying something works*

The response from my previous post (here) has had a huge view count and I cannot believe the outcome! I am super excited to share some more recipes soon.. On how to make my homemade granola and healthy cakes both of which are my favourites.

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My top five favourite healthy foods.

I have tried to shrink my favourite healthy foods/meals down to my top five. It has been hard but I think I have decided! I love a good mixture within my diet. 80% healthy the majority of the time allows me to be 20% unhealthy occasionally when I fancy something! Although, the majority of the food which I love is healthy!

Top five favourite healthy foods

  • Total 0% Fage Yoghurt with granola, mixed nuts and fruit.
  • Frozen raspberries.
  • Poached salmon.
  • My sweet potato brownies!

 To be honest I am such a lover of food! I love all types of food.

 This weeks post hasn’t been too informative but I have tried my best to capture some meals I have been eating this week. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and I tend to stick to the same thing. However, as the weather begins to get warmer I may swap it up a bit and start to experiment with savoury breakfasts. Pinterest is my favourite place for inspiration on different types of meals and creative ideas for meal presentation. Find my Pinterest in the link below..

Pinterest – @jessicawardxxx

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Strawberry love!


Jessica x

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