What I Ate Wednesday | 6/5/2015

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What I Ate Wednesday

This week has gone extremely well in terms of nutrition and keeping myself energised and healthy. I think my mind set has become better towards food and I am continuing to stick to this. The focus is to be happy and healthy. Here is to another happy week!

Sometimes at the beginning of the week I love to indulge in some ”cheat meal” food.. Aka pizza and anything stodgy. This week has not been so difficult to avoid these foods. The odd piece of chocolate always happens from time to time.

Who else relies on chocolate or anything sweet for an instant mood change?

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For this I combined strawberries, a handful of spinach, an orange (peeled), an apple (chopped) and a handful of grapes. So sweet and yummy!

This week I have been focusing on producing snacks that benefit my body and make me feel full and energised for longer. When you make a lifestyle change to become happier and healthier it almost changes your whole perspective on food and even life. When I began to eat skin loving and body loving foods my mood instantly reflected this. It is so strange! Even incorporating some healthy choices into your diet might help with your overall mind set towards life and food.

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This week I have been experimenting with my fresh juice maker. This is the perfect pick-me-up and some days I rely on this to give me an instant boost of healthy energy. Not forgetting it is a super easy way to get your 5-7 a day. Who cares, it tastes good, right? Why not have a nosey at what I have been including within my juices this week. Although, juicers are a pain to clean… They are so worth it! I will link my juicer below and any other links related to my blog post.

Here is another juice I created. This time without the grapes and strawberries for something quick and easy. I am now totally obsessed with fresh pressed juices.

FullSizeRender (26)

This months Tesco magazine! & my treat bar.

This Tesco (free) magazine is something I am so glad I discovered. It is full of recipes, health, fitness and lifestyle inspiration. I love it! Find your very own copy at any Tesco store.


It would not be the same without granola, Total 0% greek yoghurt and frozen berries. My favourite evening snack.


The Monday morning cleanse I like to call this ^. Porridge oats with a mixture of nuts, dried fruit, frozen berries and seeds. A green fresh pressed juice: broccoli, orange, apple and a handful of spinach. This is guaranteed to keep you full all morning long, washed down with some lemon water.

What are some of the benefits of drinking lemon water?

1. It gives our immune system the ultimate boost! Lemons are packed full of vitamin C.

2. A great source of potassium which helps have a healthy heart.

3. Lemon water encourages healthy digestion and helps loosen toxins. Perfect!

4. Cleanses the system in the morning and stimulates the liver.

5. Keeps your skin blemish free and not forgetting keeps you hydrated and refreshed.


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