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My first ever product review on my new blog! Exciting stuff!

So this past week I have been purchasing some new nail varnishes to fill my collection with a little bit of colour ready for spring/summer. I go through a lot of nail varnish due to painting my nails at least 3 times a week.. To keep them in tip-top condition!

These past few months I have kept to minimal grey and nude shades so that my nails co-ordinated with all of my autumn/winter outfits. However, the warmer seasons are soon approaching (even though the weather outside doesn’t express this..) I thought a little bit of colour was needed.

I love nail varnishes but I don’t have the patience to wait around for them to dry nor the money to get my nails done at a salon. I hate nail varnish that chips, smudges or takes a whole day to dry. Painting your nails should not be stressful or a waiting game.

I have discovered these super affordable nail varnishes that dry within 60 seconds of applying and don’t chip. They sound way too perfect right?

I found these little nail varnishes from the £1 shop! Can you believe!

These nail varnishes have been my ultimate saviour these pasts few months and I am now completely obsessed. Infact, I purchased all these colours in one go because I couldn’t wait to experiment. They add a pop of colour to any outfit.

I have only picked out some of my favourite shades but they do sell a huge variety of colours. Including some polishes that have a gel finish to them. The gel finish is brilliant! Infact, it looks like you have just had your nails done professionally for a fraction of the price.

Have a nosey at the colours I picked and their names! All the links will be listed below as to where you can find these wonderful creations. Also, who else has noticed that these nail varnishes have my name plastered all over them.

*Far too excited about this*

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I hope you like my first product review! Would love to hear some feedback.

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