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Study help!

When I was at school I would search the web on ways on how to successfully revise. I feel like teachers nowadays expect us all to know how to revise for an exam. This is not true, I have had days where revision has been impossible due to my state of mind or not fuelling my body with the correct food. Revision becomes a chore when not tackled head on and done months or weeks before a deadline or exam. Revision is no way near fun! Especially when the sun is shining outside. Being productive and starting early allows for the odd hour to have fun and relax.

Revision can be done in many different ways! Visually, pages and pages of writing or a practical and active approach by making games or working with friends. University is a lot different to College and School as revision varies from different stages, although all the same strategies can be used! I am no way near a teacher or have any qualification in top revising techniques.. I just wanted to share what works for me.

Summer exams are approaching and I thought this would help everyone knuckle down and have a positive approach.

I am currently studying an English degree in communication and I thought this was an extremely appropriate post due to revising for some upcoming exams.

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1. Plan a schedule! Decide when you work better, in the morning, afternoon or in-between lunch time and dinner. Divide these slots up into realistic time frames – i.e – 45 minutes revise.. 5/10 minute break and so on. This can vary depending on long you can stay focused.

  1. I like to plan ahead of time and try to keep organised so stress doesn’t overrule the revision. Use a planner or create to-do lists each day to get tasks done.
  1. Have the correct area to study! Somewhere with no clutter and enough room to work in, this helps with preventing distractions for me.
  1. Keep phones away or on silent! I catch myself scrolling through Instagram or Facebook for 45 minutes each time I have a break.
  1. Keep yourself hydrated and fuelled with the correct food and drink. Water and different snacks will help you keep motivated.
  1. Gather all the correct equipment before starting, highlighters are an essential for English!
  1. Sticky notes or revision cards, I make revision lists and between breaks on the T.V and I will read the revision notes and when the next break comes on I try to remember what had been revised. Who said revision has to be boring?
  1. Stick notes around the house to help learn vocab! Such a great idea, I did this when studying French. Every time I was in the bathroom or kitchen I would read out the vocab or the meaning of a word whilst doing something.
  1. Exam practice papers are always good to help engage and get yourself truly prepped for the exam.
  1. Record yourself saying your exam notes and listen to them back before bed.. Strange but this was always a winner for me.

I have no idea whether this will relate to anybody but when I was at School and College and always searched for a post on this.. So hopefully I can reach out to somebody who is struggling. I have one major exam left of this term and I am extremely excited to get it over and done with and enjoy my Summer. Work hard now and it will all be worth it, trust me! *Wishful thinking*

Good luck with your exams!

Would love to know your revision tips and what helps you stayed focused? Comment below!

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