Asiri Fashion – My Favourite Key Looks From Their Collections

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It’s coming up to that time of the year where I am completely lost on what to wear! Thankfully I have had the opportunity to work with the new and exciting fashion brand Asiri Fashion, they have come to my rescue and I think they may be able to help all girls in a fashion dilemma. – I have discovered that Asiri Fashion cater to all your fashion needs from casual to formal, it fits every occasion you have planned in your diary.

I tend to stick to the normal array of clothing and I am always looking for something a little bit more edgy and dynamic. When events or parties pop up on the horizon I panic and think (I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR… Lets just stick to the same dress I’ve worn a million times.) When I found Asiri Fashion it came to my surprise that they suit every shape and style, this is what made me feel comfortable in their clothing. Not only am I always looking for something different to wear but something affordable and good quality.

I have picked out my favourite key looks of their new collections. All of these looks are all so different and can be worn as an outfit or individual garments, they are going to add something a little bit different to my wardrobe and help me be adventurous with my style and have fun. Fashion shouldn’t be made boring… Right?

All these looks can be found on their website – for more behind the scenes shots check out their Instagram and Twitter all linked below.

asiri 1

asiri 2

Look #2 – White Midi Dress, Sophistication. – My favourite! Not only do I love the elegance of this dress, it adds that touch of sophistication and class all girls’ need within their wardrobe. I love the idea of how special this dress makes me feel; the crisp cut edges add interest to any neckline. This dress does all the talking, no need for accessories that’s what I love!

asiri 3

Look #3 – Weaved Pastel Co-ord, Pastel Lovin’ –Oh my goodness, I adore pastel colours! Mint green and cream make any outfit look fresh. My favourite key features of this look are the metallic detailing on the shoulders combined with matching metallic silver shorts, again the combination of fabrics adds a different edge to this look making it quirky but cute.

asiri 5

Look #4 – Rock The Retro With Faux Leather. – As previously outlined I am a huge lover of pastel colours, so I couldn’t miss the opportunity of this faux leather pink skirt paired with a knitted crop top. This outfit is dynamic and definitely a lot more out there than what I’m use to wearing but I still love it. Pieces can be worn individually to suit your own taste and style but the combination of pastel pink faux leather with the super soft knitted top works perfect! Opposites do attract!

asiri 6

Look #5 – Catwalk Says Snakeskin – The reason why I picked this dress was not only because snakeskin is extremely popular all over the catwalk it once again has the elegant neckline which flatters any silhouette. I never thought animal print could be made sophisticated until now.

I am extremely happy to have had this opportunity to select my key favourite looks from their new collections. I hope this inspires everybody to pick their own favourite items out too.

Stay tuned for more updates on AsiriFashion and behind the scenes action!


Asiri Fashion Website 

Asiri Fashion Blog page 

Instagram: @asirifashion –

Twitter: @AsiriFashion

The location of the shoot:

MUA: Charlotte Frankitt

Model: Jessica Ward (me!)

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